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04-12-2013, 09:53 PM
I have only just joined to make a request (and possibly more in the future ) about making a world map.

This is a map for a place called Erudite, a fantasy style land where a community of users on Wikia are making stories. We like to be professionalist's in our works (not professional, just act like it). Anyway, my request is that I would somebody (or somepeople) to make a map of the plane of Erudite, including about 4 or 5 continents.

The first continent and large island are shown in the picture I will attach, they need scaled a bit so that Necronia is about a third of the size of Eidyn (the larger part).

Necronia is mainly mountainous and rugged landscape, very dry and stone with bad weather.

Eidyn is very much the same in the picture, which is pretty obvious colour coordinating. White = snow, green = plains or forests, blue = water/river/lake

Now, there are three more continents that we want adding. Iapettus - West of Eidyn. Part of a large continent that goes off the left of the map, wild lands, varied, have fun with it

Lapillus - North of Eidyn. A dark landscape with ruins, cliffs and gloominess about. Smallish continent. -This is actually joined with Iapettus

Gurun - South of Eidyn. A sandy desert landscape with Palaces and little rivers. Medium continent.

Also, if you want you can place small islands around places. If it still has the criteria above then mess around a bit with the maps.

If you could, could you also have the borders aswell on the map?

If you want to search for our website type in Erudite Tales. We have a small community which offsprang from a sci-fi wikia.

Thanks in advance!

53599 -The map of Eidyn and Necronia


We are aiming for better than this^ :P I'm not sure what the quality is around here, but I've seen some great ones from here :)

This is unpaid, however you will be credited on the website we are using (if you want to be).

There will be no real time constraints, as long as we know if you're working on it we are ok with it :)

04-12-2013, 10:13 PM
You may need to reattach your image, it's not working for me.

04-12-2013, 10:23 PM
Thanks for pointing that out :P