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Mark Oliva
04-14-2013, 01:51 AM

With the 104th Map of the Week we look at the Stormford Outpost just north of the Slovanian village of Storm Fortress.

Stormford is as part of Storm Fortress, a small military outpost about half a mile/800 m north of town. It's manned by soldiers from the garrison in Storm Fortress and the town's water master. The only permanent residents of Stormford are the detachment commander, Captain Denisa, a 38-year-old human female warrior, and her husband, Pravoslav, a 40-year-old human male artisan who serves as Stormford's water master.

Stormford was built with two purposes in mind: To create an effective defense for Storm Fortress and to provide a reliable millstream to power the village's two mills. The ford that gives the outpost its name is not natural. It resulted from the damming of the River Storming. If Pravoslav were to open the dam gate, the ford would flood immediately and become unusable. That is, in fact, exactly what he would do if it appeared that a Dark host from the fallen sir Empire was about to attempt to cross the river at the ford.

Key to the Stormford Outpost

1. Headquarters. The outpost's minimal offices are on the ground floor, which also includes the detachment's kitchen and supply rooms. The second story includes the kitchen, mess hall and open bay barracks of the soldiers. The cellar has a large storage area and holding cells where prisoners are detained until they can be brought to Storm Fortress.

2. Keep and Wizards' Tower. The junior war wizards stationed in the outpost live in the barracks (Location No. 1) with the soldiers, and they also rotate shifts with them. However, when normal conditions reign, they use the keep as their wizards' tower. Usually one finds a seer, a white necromancer and a summoner, wizard or sorcerer here. The tower is 30 ft/9 m in diameter and 60 ft/18 m high.

3. Commander's House. Commandant Captain Denisa and Water Master Pravoslav live here.

4. Guard Post and Stable. Two soldiers always are on duty here to control who passes through the outpost. Except when the outpost is under attack, this is the only control point. The two gates in the outpost's defensive walls are unmanned and kept open at all other times.

5. River Storming.

6. Dams and Dam Tower.

7. Diversion Channel.

8. Storm Ford.

9. Drawbridge.

10. Burned Area.

11. Watchtowers. Each tower is 50 ft/15 m high. Two soldiers are on duty at all time in each tower. There is a fourth tower 300 ft/90 m south of the map's southern border.

You can get the map in two versions:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 version in FMP format, fully editable, from our Jrgar web page (18 MB).

2. A JPG flat map of 3000 Pixels x 2250 Pixels (3.2 MB), available above.

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Jrgar website at:

The Jrgar World (http://www.vintyri.org/joerdhgardh/joerdhgardh.htm)

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As is mostly usual for you, Mark...really good stuff.

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Great idea, Nice terrain map.