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04-16-2013, 01:24 PM
I am working on a World for a series of short stories and an RPG setting. I have been using this world for a while now, but have used maps from other settings as a quick way to jump into the game. I've always been interested in creating the world from scratch, but have had trouble making it feel realistic. The world would be about the size of earth, maybe a little bigger. It has a ring, which revolves around it as well as a single moon and a single sun.

I am not sure of the realistic implications that would result from having a ring that moves around the planet as the planet rotates within, but the ring rises and sets during the day just as the moon and sun would, maybe weeks during the year when the ring is not as visible and other times when it is a bright and brilliant light source in the night sky; occasionally it would even eclipse the sun. I do have a monthly calendar where the names of the Months reflect the Ring's position, but since i am not familiar with how this would actually present itself on a world, i could be completely wrong. I know i could always just contribute it to magic, and Magic would be a nice way to explain away a few things; i would rather not liter my science with too much unrealistic fantasy.

I would like to hear from anyone on this subject and perhaps enlist some to aid me while i create my world. I will be using Fractal Terrains 3 and CC3 to generate the landscape and will be posting WIP maps occasionally.

04-18-2013, 10:50 PM
Well, first thing i'd say is who cares? I think it sounds like a cool idea, and this comes from a low-fantasy nut :)

Though, in reallife i'm not sure myself since i don't have a physics degree. However, it's not impossible at all for an Earth sized planet to have a ring. But it would have to "static" in that sense that it circles around the planet, with the planets center of mass and rotation pulling it around and inwards. So it would be in short, knit to the equator of the planet. If you would be able to see it in some seasons, the planet would be having a mindblowing change of pace and rotation. But, that's just some thoughts. In short, a ring around the planet would be doable but with the physics, it wouldn't happen. I'm pretty sure of, but it sounds like a interesting idea nontheless.

But the realistic impacts, would be the planet suddenly changing axis as it spins. Basicly what the earth would do without its moon :)
Mind, i don't have a degree in physics or anything, just watch alot of documentaries about the matter.

04-19-2013, 12:00 AM
A bit of invention should help you solve this problem, without needing a physics degree. For example, what if the ring is actually made of billions of bacteria, like the algae blooms that appear in the world's oceans. That way, they might 'migrate' during the year for some reason (eg solar flares, solar/lunar gravitational cycles etc.). Or, a more cliched option, the ring is ancient technology, and it is programmed to move at certain times of the year.

If neither of those take your fancy, you could get a bit more technical: perhaps your planet has an outer atmosphere that has a different chemical composition to Earth's. There might be a layer of gases that is more dense than other gases, but (peculiarly) is also very bouyant. The ring actually its on top of those gases, and so is within the atmosphere, but many kilometres up. For various reasons, the layer of gases moves around in cycles (eg. the same way that hot and cold pressure cells operate in Earth's weather system). It might be like the jet-stream, for example. Correspondingly, the ring, floating on top of the gases, is also carried around the planet when the gases move.

Of course, a chemist or physicist could look at this suggestion and see all the problems wrong with it, but how many of your readers are likely to be chemists or physicists? It just needs to be plausible, not scientifically perfect. It is definitely doable.

Feel free to use any of those ideas, if you want to, or invent some of your own. Good luck with your world.


04-23-2013, 10:03 AM
thank you both for your responses, and i appreciate the feedback. In truth i agree with Kahli's statement "Who Cares", and during the course of the stroy (both in the pages i will write, and in the RPG setting) it may never come up. And due to Sedivore Being a low metal world, meaning that metal is rarely found close to the surface, then the second Atmosphere may make sense. the extra pressure it would cause may make up for the lack of gravity.

At first then ring was going to be just a bunch of small to large rocks and minerals, mostly crystalline debris (which would account for the lights and different color's the sun's light would cause it to radiate at different times of the year and throughout the day). This light weight debris could float on top of that layer in a sort of continuous storm that carries it around the planet. The tidal effects between the Moon and the Sun would actually maintain the storms constant rotation. and the ring being less dense than it appears to be would allow for the fact that the world isn't being crushed under a humongous weight of gravity.

I do like the idea of migrating bacteria, but it is already cannon for my world, that the ring collapse (at some time in the future) and rains down upon the world, scarring it and causing an Apocalyptic event, which i use this new world as the basis for my post-Apocalypse games. Also during the time the collapse is happening, and the time leading up to it, the inhabitants of Sedivore find a way to flee their doomed world and begin to "invade" Earth. (When i use to run Shadowrun, i used this story arch as the reason for Meta humans instead of the mutated genome. )

I also read somewhere that the earth's core is the reason the planet rotates, so maybe the fact that the Ring is orbiting the planet could be the reason that Sedivore rotates. I have always thought the center of Sedivore was a Hollow shell, where the UnderKind dwelt. albeit extremely far below the crust. and beneath a layer of super dense and heavy crystalline mineral deposits.

Again, i'd like to thank you both, and anyone else who wishes to add any thoughts to this, for your suggestions, feedback, opinions, and any other input. I'm working on a series of maps using Fractal Terrain 3 and if anyone is willing to touch up these maps let me know. I won't be able to offer much other than credit and Kudos... maybe some money,. but not much.. i'd rather share royalties if my books ever sell cause times are tough and budget is tight, but if cash is required we can work something out. I do believe that talent and time are worth something.

Here is my first attempt at a World Atlas, i want to add a huge desert to the area on the upper left continent (where it looks like a bowl/dip between the mountain ranges) This desert is known as Drax, also known as the Sea of Black Sands (the sand is actually Black. it has white and grey specks in it, but is mostly black in color.)


04-23-2013, 02:12 PM
For the imaginitively-challenged, like myself, there's an interesting video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNCBh2MLvdw) on YouTube that shows what a ring around Earth's equator might look like from different points on the surface. Quite nice!

Regarding your story, does the ring have to collapse? If it does, I'd say make sure it happens near the beginning, not in the middle. I'm not keen when you're reading a story and you invest in the world and the characters, then suddenly everything changes so completely that it becomes a different world and a different story. Anyone who saw 'Knowing' at the cinema will understand what I'm talking about!

04-24-2013, 03:12 AM
Doesn't Saturn have three rings, two really faint ones? Some planets do at least. That would mean two are not directly above the equator, and would move across the sky as the planet rotates. Anyone who actually knows anything about this, feel free to correct me ;)

Also, I don't think it'd be a problem if the ring collapses mid-story; some of the short stories would take place before the collapse, some during, and some after, or that's how I interpreted it anyway :)

04-24-2013, 07:52 AM
Saturn has over a dozen rings, but they are all side by side. They have gaps between them and are various colors, so they consider them different rings.

As Lingon mentioned, the ring would not collapse during the course of a series of short stories. Well, as of right now, i haven't planned on it happening like that. The collapse is just a means for me to use my setting in various genres of RPG storylines.

The youtube video jturner linked was nice, thanks for the post.

I still want the ring to orbit the planet, and the planet rotate within. I know rings form around what would be the equator, due to the planet's spin pulling the objects around, so I may go with the idea that the ring rides on a cushion of a secondary atmosphere, unless i get another suggestion that is possible.

Again i thank you all for your ideas and comments.

04-24-2013, 12:36 PM
Ah, I see. For some reason I always thought the rings were at an angle to each other. Thanks for informing me :)

06-14-2014, 05:14 PM
I haven't posted in a while, but i have redone the landscape of Sedivore. this is just an Altitude map. I made this with Fractal Terrains 3 and exported it as a Jpeg. i am complete rubbish when it comes to editing this, and i would like to have the names of the kingdoms, continents, oceans, etc.. on here. any help or suggestions would be appreciated. it should be mentioned that the circumference of Sedivore is 46563.4 miles (Earth is only 24,901 miles). so anyone wanting to aid me in this project may need to know that bit of information. the planet is much less dense than earth, but has the same mass so gravity isn't an issue.

i know people don't have a lot of time to devote to this, so i am willing to learn and help with as much as i can.


06-14-2014, 05:49 PM
I keep forgetting about window's screen capture/cropping tool. here is a clearer image of the map, though it is a PNG.


also, i have checked out Roba's Gimp tutorial, but since i already have a map made, i'm not sure that would help me with making coasts. maybe it can help with making forests and mountains.. any suggestions on defining the coasts though?

I have the following programs:

GIMP v2.6.10
Adobe Flash Profressional CS5.5
Fractal Terrains 3 v 3.0.4
Campaign Cartographer 3 v 3.42

08-15-2015, 12:21 PM
OK, wow. It's been over a year since I've posted, and have not really got a lot of work done. I have re-imagined the basic map of Sedivore. It's size is also altered to 32,371 circumference. roughly 1.27x the size of Earth.

I am working on populating the world with villages, towns, and cities of the Kingdoms. I need to make a map that shows borders and Kingdom maps that show the cities and towns and stuff. I also need to ad rivers , lakes, and other land forms like forests, hills and mountains.

the dotted line in the lower right represents 1000 miles.


08-15-2015, 03:28 PM
Drax, the the massive desert, lies within the circled area. Drax is the name of the desert, as well as the name of the Kingdom that encompasses the entire desert.

I am going to be trying to do the work needed on my own, but will take advice, tips, suggestions and feedback from anyone willing to help out. If someone with talent and time wants to do some actual work on the map, i am more than happy to accept. It'll be a lot less stressful if i can get help on adding terrain such as trees, rivers, lakes, hills, mountains, etc.


08-15-2015, 06:11 PM
This map has Lakes and Rivers added to it, though this is subject to change.

The red lines are rough borders of the Kingdoms. the small continent is it's own Kingdom so does not have a red border.

On the larger continent, the 2nd Kingdom (Center Top) is suppose to be the Large Desert i mentioned in previous posts.


08-15-2015, 08:48 PM
This is the Map as I am working on it now.

Using the terrain icons from CC3 and adding them to the map in GIMP. I'm going this route because exporting my map from FT3 into CC3 kept messing it up.


08-15-2015, 10:35 PM
Hello Eric. If you would like a little commentary on your map, I'd suggest toning the colors down a lot. Desaturate them (make them less vivid). It hurts my eyes to look at it :)

Also, you might read a bit about mountain ranges -- they don't normally occur in circular shapes. Mountain ranges are linear or curvilinear, due to the fact that they form at tectonic plate boundaries.

I think you have the start of a really nice map here, I'll look forward to where you take it :)

08-16-2015, 12:24 AM
thanks for your input, I'll check on toning down the colors.

As far as the Mountains that form a circle: That region is call Drax, it is a desert. I want the desert to be surrounded by mountains, but the desert is also supernaturally created... well sort of. a lot of ancient magic went into it, but the environment began to sustain itself as a desert, the curse is unbreakable. the blighted and black sand slowly crept across the face of the land, but eventually was halted by a long dead race, or so the legend goes. The black mountains were created by the volcanic eruptions and other disastrous calamities manifested by the ancient race in which the desert is now named after, Drax.

So, maybe it is a bit of lazy/stubbornness (the whole, it is the way it is, cause i said so trick), but it is part of the lore. I am, however, willing to make it look a bit more realistic, if you have any suggestions on it. Also, the current images are crap. i don't like the way the mountains and trees look. I have to continue playing with the programs i have and the lack of skill i have.

but again, i do appreciate the feedback.

08-16-2015, 01:47 AM
If I had to create a desert surrounded by mountains, I'd probably do it like in this map in the southeast where Drend is ... a long wide chain with a big valley between some ridges that separate for a distance.


That way, I'd have a real mountain range, and a flat area that I could make a magical desert in. You can make the valley even wider, but if you keep the mountain as a single fairly linear range, it will look a lot more natural.

And thanks for the rep!! :)


08-16-2015, 02:22 AM
Thanks for the advice and feedback, I try to rep anyone who contributes.

I'll take your advice on incorporating a natural mountain range and have the desert be sunk into the valley, but seeing how Drax is over 3000 mile in one direction (no jokes please), it may be a bit hard.. but not impossible.

I have tweaked the coloring of my map, but i'll have to redo the terrain later, which is obviously not a bad thing.


08-16-2015, 08:13 AM
I don't think I can help much at this point as your stuff seems still very vague, but here's what I think is the most powerful advice:

- don't get confounded with map making and world making - it's two separate things.

A map is THE tool for world making, but it needs to be practical more than beautiful, and world making is not about making that particular map look cool. In fact, if you manage to world-make properly, then you can map-make for ages from a single world...

08-16-2015, 10:15 AM
If you keep the last version as new basis for your WIP, I suggest to make the oceans a lighter blue to make the lands pop more. The whole thing seems a bit dark right now (although I prefer it compared to the bright colors of the first version).

08-16-2015, 01:32 PM
I don't think I can help much at this point as your stuff seems still very vague, but here's what I think is the most powerful advice:

- don't get confounded with map making and world making - it's two separate things.

A map is THE tool for world making, but it needs to be practical more than beautiful, and world making is not about making that particular map look cool. In fact, if you manage to world-make properly, then you can map-make for ages from a single world...

Thanks, I have most of the world made but its all trapped in my head. I'm focusing on the map so i can visualize better where the cities/towns and Kingdoms are laid out. I'm doing it this way so when I begin writing again, I know more realistically (ish) how long it would take to get from one place to another.

I definitely agree with Piratical before be Beautiful; however, I'm planning to put the map(s) in the books i write, so I do want some bit of aesthetics.

If you keep the last version as new basis for your WIP, I suggest to make the oceans a lighter blue to make the lands pop more. The whole thing seems a bit dark right now (although I prefer it compared to the bright colors of the first version).

Great, i wasn't too sure if a lighter blue would contrast it too much, but I'll give it a try.

08-16-2015, 08:13 PM
A few updates.

With Color


The following maps have a scale marker attached to them. Each of the small green blips = 200 Miles. the whole bar = 2400 Miles

With Color and basic Terrain


Rough Borders added.


No Color or details, just land and water


09-06-2015, 11:41 AM



If anyone would like to throw some feedback on either the Map, the world, or the story that takes place in the world, you can Like my Facebook page at:

I'd like to have constructive discussions, I don't mind hearing about how much my maps suck, as long as I know what sucks about it and how to fix it. There will be some things i just won't change, mainly because I'm working more on the story and the maps are used for reference, but if it is something major or that just doesn't make sense or anything inconsistent, I'd like to hear about it.

Questions are welcome because they focus my attention on specific aspects of my world and my ability to build my world.

09-08-2015, 11:04 AM
Concerning the city map, I think it's lacking of an urban planning. We can't see the main streets and how the city is "working". And, is the river going under the city? That would be very uncommon (but quite interesting though).

09-08-2015, 05:09 PM
Yeah, sorry. I'll post what I have on the Facebook page here when I get home, those questions are answered.

The River does flow under the city.

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