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04-18-2013, 05:26 AM
Hello Cartographers guild, I have seen your site several times, and looked around a bit, there is some beautiful work in here!
Anyway, a while ago, I decided to create a fantasy world, just because I felt like it, I continuously add stuff to it, including maps. The problem I have, is that I can make maps which give basic information, but I cant make pretty maps.

So this is where this post comes in.

Basic Description
Okay, so basically, I would really appreciate it if someone could make a realistic looking map, showing the entire world as a world map, much like the map I included below, but then better looking.
Whoever accepts my request, will have a decent amount of artistic freedom, being able to change the coast slightly, create small islands where he/she sees fit, and add mountains to places where it makes sense. I imagine the map would be something like a drawn version of a sattelite photo, but if you have a better idea, I am open for suggestions.

The circumference of the world is 40 000 Kilometer, which means the map would represent a rectangle of 40 000 by 20 000 KM, meaning that tiny details wont be needed. The current map that I have has a scale of 1 pixel being 10x10 KM.

The current map I mentioned several times before, is quite big (4000X2000 pixels), a map of half that size would be good (2000X1000 pixels), making each pixel represent 20X20 KM.

Original map
Hmm, it seems I cannot post the original map, so I will give a link to it, WARNING, this map is 4000X2000 pixels in size.
Large map (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120325105610/shechilushoeathu/images/2/24/Map.jpeg)
And a smaller version of the map
Small map (http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120325105610/shechilushoeathu/images/thumb/2/24/Map.jpeg/1000px-Map.jpeg)

White : Arctic, or Mountains (I bet you are smart enough to figure out which is which), the Arctic areas are permanently covered in snow and ice.
Dark-blueish-Green : Tundra
Green : Temperate climate
Yellowish Green : Mediterranean climate
Brown : Savanna
Yellow : Desert
Dark Green : Jungle
Blue : Water

There is an area which has a few things which I will have to explain.
Look at the continent to the top left, As you can see, it has two deserts (the yellow blotches), the Desert on the right is mostly flat, it has a volcano which peaks where the mountain peak can be seen on the map. This volcano is so shallow, on the North Western side, that you cant even notice you are going up (or down) hill. On the south east side, there is a massive field of obsidian, this side does have slopes, none really steep either, but still slopes.
Here is an image of the area
Smaller than the large map, but still relatively big. (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121001074061/shechilushoeathu/images/thumb/b/b6/Woilani.png/1000px-Woilani.png)
The flat, desert area that I mentioned before, is the area called *Yoawiyachu*, the obsidian fields that I mentioned, are named *Niashechu*.

Fate of the Map
If anyone would be so kind as to accept my request and make a map, his/her map will be placed on the Shechilushoeathu Wiki with credits under the image. I will not use it for any other purpose than the wiki without asking for, and receiving permission from whoever created the map.
Furthermore, I will notify the artist if I ever post another request (for the same world most likely), unless said person would not want this.

If you are interested in the world for which this map is meant, visit Shechilushoeathu Wiki (http://shechilushoeathu.wikia.com/wiki/Shechilushoeathu_Wiki)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! It wouldnt be the first time I forget something.
Suggestions are also welcome.

Right, forgot something
Who-ever accepts this request, can take as long as they want on it, if however, I do not get updates atleast once a month (The more updates, the better), I will try to contact you to check up on progress, and under certain circumstances might open up the request to new people again.

05-19-2013, 12:17 AM
I am interested in your project, but since you have less than five posts I can't send a PM. If you're still checking these forums, do you have an email address people can use to contact you?

05-19-2013, 05:55 AM
Oh, my appologies, Kamica@live.nl would be the place to go =P.
(E-mail notifications rock!)