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04-18-2013, 10:32 PM
This is got to be the worst thing I came up with yet. I wish they had a few of these for reals to deal with prison overcrowding in the USA. This is a Rokat style of prison. My city is going to use this for a prison system so there is more money for the city's social services. This style of prison is used for only one purpose and that is to get rid of criminals really fast.

The first thing about this prison is that there are no utilities at all for the prisoners. I don't even know why I called the larger rooms showers, maybe they do turn the water on every now and then. There is no water or heat in the prisoner's areas. Only the guards have access to water and food. If a prisoner gets thirsty he must kill and drink the blood of another inmate. If he is hungry, he must kill and eat another inmate. The Observations Areas are for public viewing of the blood and carnage inside the yard of this pit of hell. It's called the pit because there is no way out and bones will pile inside until all the prisoners are dead that they open the gate to clean it. Prisoners are thrown in from the air. They are just dropped in from a helicopter or thrown over the side of the second level. Either way, it's no easy drop from 20 feet onto the stone floor. Only the strongest prisoners live in this place and even they don't last long.

I was just in a bad mood today about a certain neighbor I would love to throw in there. Anyway, only the most hardened and violent criminals would be thrown in The Pit. This structure is 103 by 103 feet, relatively small.

04-19-2013, 08:55 PM
*to the mods* I know this building's intended use is offensive. Remove the thread if it is too crazy, otherwise I'm going to tone it down to a battle arena on my map.

04-21-2013, 06:11 PM
Offensive wasn't what I was thinking. Unworkable was more in my mind if it were realistic.

No sanitation, no food, and no water. You can't drink blood (you'll just vomit it back up), and cannibalism is a big taboo in most societies so no one will be around long enough to consider it as a food source anyway. And for any organised practice of it, there is no accompanying ritual or preparation to make it more "palatable". And then there's a 20 foot drop on to hard stone to "get in" which will probably lead to a nice complicated fracture or two.

You average prisoner's life expectancy is three days. And the only thing the people from the galleries will be seeing is a bunch of dehydrated injured people sat around in dirty and smelly conditions. There won't be any "pit fighting". =P

Doug Haworth
05-28-2013, 12:27 PM
Perhaps throw in tainted water/food, instead of nothing? Or its really just an inelegant execution chamber.

Plus, enough deaths and they will just be able to climb right back out.