View Full Version : Resource material for Sci-Fi RPG campaign?

04-23-2013, 05:26 PM

i am working on a sci fi roleplaying campaign and need some resources for battleground tiles.

But, as far as i dug through the internet I haven't found anything reliable.
There is the Cosmographer 3 from ProFantasy, but it has everything for galaxies and planets, but not convincing battleground tiles.
I have found many many pictures of planetes, stars, supernovae, galaxies and so on, and yes of course cool pictures of futuristic 3-dimensional CGI art of whatsoever.

So, what i am really looking for are 2d tiles for my campaign.

Sure, I can extract some textures from Sci Fi Games, but then I have only some plain texture tiling.
And I really love the idea of having details as shrapnel, dead soldiers or futuristic weapons lying around, valves on the wall, with holes where steam or fire leaks out, or laser burns on the walls or on the floor, exploded doors or slam shut valve-doors, ammunition or parts of machinery lying on the floor, futuristic generators, red imbued rooms for alarms, vacuum suit chambers, futuristic locker rooms, broken visual futuristic TVs or intercoms, and so whatever!

I think I wouldn't be the only one dreaming about such a tileset!
Does anybody know something similar out in the vast nearly infinite Internet?
Anybody would have already done something like that?!

It doesn't matter if it's free or to buy! Just tell me, if you know something, i dont :)

Many Thanks!


04-25-2013, 07:31 AM
I think you will easily find all the tiles you need - do a google image search for 'dunjinni sci fi xxxxx' (where xxxx is tiles, or guns, or machinery, etc.) and you will find LOADS of images.

In the meantime, I found this bridge I had started making for a commission which did not end up getting used - you can use it in your own personal campaign maps (ie non-commercial) if you like. It's not great, which is why it never got used...