View Full Version : [Unpaid] Expanding a black and white simple map

04-24-2013, 10:02 AM
Hey guys,

Twice I have come to this forum and twice I left a very content Dungeon Master. This time I return with a request for someone to expand my map. This is a map for DnD setting, was used a lot, but has just become too small.

What I would ask of potential mapmaker is to expand this map ... to his pleasure (while keeping it black and with - the way it is now). The only area that I wish predetermined is about an area twice the size of this peninsula (and lying north of peninsula while attached to it by land) and titled"Uncharted lands". They are uncharted for a good reason and should not be drawn out. If it helps, the "template" for this peninsula was France and it was supposed to be placed in similar place as France.

Otherwise, expand it, make coasts, mountains, rivers and potential cities as much as you wish. Generally, it should not be very populated, but ... as you wish.

The only thing I can offer, is to name local Cartographer Guilds in this setting by the creator.

much thanks :)

http://shrani.si/t/10/G2/l7nqCwd/generia.jpg (http://shrani.si/?10/G2/l7nqCwd/generia.jpg)