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05-01-2013, 12:01 AM
Hey. I made a map using AutoRealm, but now want a more professional job than I seem to be able to produce. :P

The intention is to render a DnD campaign setting I've been working on, to accompany the many pages I have written about it. My end goal is to upload it as a free-to-use setting source for DnD players; thus, any map maker should be ok with that use of the image before work begins.

I exported my map to a .bmp and edited in paint for easy landscape type referencing. Regions are coloured to fit intended biomes:

Blue = Tundra
Green = Grassland
Yellow Green = Arid Plainlands
Sand = Desert

Mountains are represented via an AutoRealm mountain icon, and are those large black swarths that cut through the land. Most mountains are the same size; I did experiment with mixing different icons in when I first started, but feel free to regard those as any of the other mountain icons. The mountainous region in the Centre-East should have some height to it's deeper ranges if possible. Also be aware two volcano icons exist on the landscape furthest east; one in the centre of that landmass, and one in the north. They are indeed Volcanos; just render them as larger mountains to make them more distinct.

Forrests of note are represented as groupings of green dots (again, an AutoRealm icon). The landmass on the east of the map has a different green icon covering it's southern half - this is due to it being rainforrest. The Western nations use yet another icon; this is representitve of Asiatic, bamboo forrests.

Semi-circle 'bumps' represent hills or dunes depending on biome. The 'dash with grass' icon (as seen in the Northern continant, along the east in the blue region, and again on the Western most continent next to the mountain range) represent swaplands. Patches of blue green in the eastern continent's rainforrest was used to also indicate swamp land (I changed icons for some unknown reason; sorry!).

Large blue lines and shapes represent notable rivers and bodies of water, respectively. The red circles indicate the location of a city or town, and I require only a dot to be placed there to indicate a settlement (I will add the names in myself). The olive lines represent the borders between nations. To keep consistancy with the way town names are presented, I will also label the nations myself.

The black 'barbed' line seperating the larger southern continent from the easternmost continent, after the mountainout region, is an artificial wall.

The large, black dot in the middle of the desert in the world's south is a vortex of dark energies; feel free to render some sort of 'black tornado' or other imaginative portrayl in that region.

In the map's south west, where the ocean is, place a compass and a scrolling banner in which I may insert the title. Feel free to use a large part of that oceanic space for this purpose.

Also, include a scale if you can; One Inch = 50 Miles on the map.

Use the biome colouring as a guide to how you may wish to portray those regions, and blend well to transition from one to another.

I'm after a coloured rendition, idealy more mute than overly vibrant in tone - not unlike a stereotypical 'Ye Olde' map, which a lot of you seem very good at making :P. As for payment, I'm interested in a quote; I admit I have no idea how much such a task like this may cost, but am happy to pay for it.

Questions welcome.

05-01-2013, 03:35 AM
If you want to get a quote on the Job, maybe you could add a contact email? I think most feel uncomfortable to discuss their rates public. Beside that you will need 5+ postings to activate your privat messege system of your Guild-Account.

05-01-2013, 04:03 AM
Ah, fair enough. People may contact me at glasswolf200-at-gmail dot com in that case.

05-04-2013, 12:12 AM
I'm not sure how to change the label on this, but the commission has been taken. Thank you everyone who expressed interest.