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05-05-2013, 05:58 PM
Lately I've been working on a new style for Profantasy, that will be released this summer. This is an example map that I made with the symbols. So hopefully this is what the finished style will look like. Inspiration comes from the old maps of middle earth.

- Max -
05-05-2013, 06:11 PM
Clean and nice job though I'm not especially a great fan of those tolkienesque styles

05-05-2013, 06:27 PM
How are you doing the outer boundaries in the ocean?

05-06-2013, 02:06 AM
Thanks for the comments. The outer ocean boundaries are actually very easy to do. First I selected the sea area with the magic wand. When that is done you can increase or decrease the selected area from the selection menu. When you have shrinked the selected area create a new layer and select edit stroke. And voila you have a outer boundary. After that just repeat the steps as many times you like.

05-07-2013, 12:39 AM
I misunderstood, then. I was thinking that you'd done that map in CC3.
What does the border say or is it just rune-like things? I don't have my old decoder ring handy.

05-07-2013, 01:00 AM
quite nice though the white is jarring - a nice parchment brown texture would do wonders on a map like this

05-07-2013, 02:22 AM
Thanks vorropohaiah, could be worth a try in the future. But this one is made with printing in mind and then only black and white is to prefer.
Waldronate, i see but at the moment the style doesn't exist, only the graphics. I sent all the files to Profantasy yesterday so it wont be too long until everyone with a subscription to the Annuals can try it out.

05-07-2013, 02:29 AM
OK. I was wondering if I should be writing a CC3 effect to do that distance-based gradient.

05-07-2013, 03:18 AM
OK. I was wondering if I should be writing a CC3 effect to do that distance-based gradient.
Well that would be cool :)
The runes by the way is my little easter egg in the style :)