View Full Version : The road from Benwyck to Gart Manor

05-07-2013, 11:14 PM
Inspired by Foremost's map (http://www.cartographersguild.com/finished-maps/23305-continent-clairnynth-foremost.html), I grabbed some sharpies and a piece of cereal box and drew a little map. It was really fun to do something so completely outside my comfort zone. Drawing a map on paper is something I haven't done for many years...

Now I either need to get a larger colour palate (of pens) or try just black.



Edit: Sorry for the poor photo quality. I used my phone and had not much light.

05-07-2013, 11:51 PM
Heh, that's pretty cool. I like the long horizontal layout and the little iso towns.

One of these days I need to try drawing a pen and paper map again... don't think I've done one in at least 15 years, maybe more, not counting doodles here and there...

05-17-2013, 10:31 PM
Nice! I really like the 3D buildings there. That's something I'm not very good at (the 3D stuff), and I'd love to get better. I think Blaidd Drwg is the master of buildings on maps, so I'm off to attempt to replicate him. Admittedly, it gets frusturating when I draw three crooked cubes in a row. :P

05-21-2013, 01:22 AM
Neat! :) I like the idea and format you chose.