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05-10-2013, 01:13 AM
This my first real attempt at making a city map. It is a fiction map of the City of Granthril, in a fictional world that i would like to map out in the future and build up the world in time, and maybe eventually write a short story or two. I haven't completed the entire city yet, but i thought i would send out the first quarter that I have finished, so the following picture is the North East corner of the city.


So a bit about the City of Granthril. It is a wealthy city with most of the residents being some of the most wealthiest in the region. Surrounding the city is a great forest, which acts as a defensive structure to keep the city safe. Outside of the forests, beyond what you can see on the map, are small to medium sized villages and towns which are the main source of income for the city. These towns and villages usually have been built around some sort of resource, whether it be Lumber, Mining or even Fishing. The resources are then sent to and traded from Granthril. Usually once these traders become wealthy enough, they would usually buy a house or dwelling in the city. It can be fairly hard to keep a place in the city, which is why the newer residents still have their home in the whichever town or village they come from, but once they have established themselves and feel safe enough, they would sell off that home and live permanently in the city.

Main points of interest:

1. Lord Maddain's Keep - The Lord of the City is Lord Henry Maddain, His Great Great Grandfather was the founder of this city many years ago and helped create this wealthy City through Trading the surrounding resources and taking some part of the profit. At first the traders weren't too happy with the situation, until he opened the gates to the city to anyone that could afford it. This Keep was built by Lord Henry's Great Grandfather once the City become big enough, and the family moved in and have lived there ever since. Their old house is still there and is another main point of interest.

2. Granthril Barracks, Archery and Stables - After the city had been established, many Pirateers wanted some of the profits of the wealth. At first, there wasn't much that could be done to defend the city, especially from the sea, unless there was a Mercenary Army currently in the city, which for sometime there was after being hired by the Lord of the city. But once this was beginning to be too costly, so it was decided they would establish an army of the city's own, hence the Barracks, Archery Range and Stable's were built.

3. The Temple - After sometime, there were more and more religious people flocking into the city to trade their own resources. Soon enough they were moving into the city to live and needed a place to worship. At first a small church was built, which eventually was reestablished into the Bishop's House. The large Temple was built a few years after the Church was established. It was paid for and built by huge donations of the religious residents of the city and is now one of the tallest and more beautiful buildings in the region.

4. First Gate Inn - Soon enough, the city become a great place to visit from some of the people that were wealthy, but either couldn't or didn't want to live in the city, whether they had another dwelling in another city that they didn't want to leave, or couldn't afford to live in the city permanently. The First Gate Inn was built as the first place for travelers to stay without having to live with other residents. It has expanded since it was first built and is now a large source of income for the city.

5. River Market - This was the first market place in the city and traders from all around the region would come and sell what resources they had. It now contains a tavern and a small Inn and a statue of Lord Jackson Maddain, the founder of the city. It is still a very busy place and is always buzzing with traders and buyers.

6. Forrest Dwellings - Surrounding Granthril is a great forest, that stretches out at least 5 to 6 miles all around. In the forest itself, live many people, for both protection and production. They would mostly be Lumberjacks or people that would like to just live near the city.

7. Old Maddain House - This was the first building built in Granthril, by the wealthy family of the Maddain's. once the city grew to a big enough size, they built Maddain Keep on the central island and moved in. At firs they kept the first house in the family, usually using it for visiting relatives or friends. Soon enough though, they sold it another family. It has since changed owners over the years, but in honor of the founder of the city, they have renamed it Old Maddain House, and it remains that way no matter who owns the house.

The other building you see are mostly dwelling for well off families that live in the city, as well as many shops and taverns throughout the city. To make the city look more attractive, most of the trees have been kept within the city, only being knocked down when a building is to be built.

Stay tuned for further updates as a complete different parts of the city. Feel free to comment on what you think and and help in creating this city is welcome.

05-10-2013, 01:26 AM
Looks awesome. You definitely love the foliage. I'd throw in some color variation here and there to draw interest. *highfive*

05-10-2013, 09:24 AM
I like this level of zoom, close enough to make out some detail. I love all the trees, obviously someone in city planning recognizes the value of green! However, it does also allow me to see that the city is suspiciously clean. Of course, it's home to the very wealthy, so they might have cleaners out around the clock, but try chucking some debris here and there, some sooty smudges or some oily scum on the river. Mess makes it look lived in...

Thank you for sharing the information about the city too.


05-11-2013, 01:01 AM
Yeah I'm still not the best with CD3, so for now I am going to stick with just the general layout of the city. But thanks for the advice, I will be certain to try and work out how to incorperate that into my future projects!