View Full Version : Great Hall and Kitchen

05-14-2013, 05:54 PM
Once more I wanted to cobble together some new structures out of the images provided by the D&D Supplement, Stronghold Builder's Guide.


I started with the kitchen in the bottom left of the first image and the great hall in the top right of the other.

The great hall was a fun mod to do. First I stretched out the floor to add more room between the tables and the steps up to the riser. Then I added more space on the riser from the original image considering that this is head table and you don't want to cramp the style of the lord, baron, king or whoever's up there. Then, for fun, I added braziers in the niches on either side of the riser's steps and again on either side of the main door. On a cold night you don't want people freezing their bones while trying to have a feast.


But where does the food come from?

I shrank the kitchen a bit and tossed in a door for servants to carry trays of food into the main hall and such.

This could easily be incorporated into the corner of a keep or simple fortress.

Feel free to use it if you can.