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05-14-2013, 10:21 PM
Hey all!

I've been semi-active in the tutorials lately, trying to learn/process/practice all the great procedures out there. Orginally, I had created a map for a G+ request using CC3, but wasn't really happy with it. It was truly my first attempt at map-making, but I ultimately wasn't that happy with it.

After playing around with tutorials by RobA, Arsheesh, and Ascension, I decided to redo this CC3 map in a more refined manner. Some of you may have seen the Arsheesh's tutorial thread, where I tried to whip Wilbur into producing what *I* wanted, not what *it* wanted, lol!

Anyway, I'm at a point now where I could use some constructive feedback on what I've done so far. My goal is to produce this as a "Campaign Overview" realistic map, with actual gameplay/player maps with a hand-drawn element and a little fog-of-war, i.e. bad cartography. Also, for practice, I'm going to try to flesh out some of the areas with battlemaps, and dungeon maps.

This scenario is not my own, btw. After the initial work, the originators haven't seemed to ask for more, so I'm doing this on my own...for my own practice.

This was the original hand drawing from the originator:

and this was my CC3 response:

Currently, this is my GIMP creation. Again...utilizing some incredible tutorials here.
I've intentionally gone for a mix of satellite realism, with a little color and bordering for a fantasy map feel.

My going-in scenario: this is a little-known section of the world, isolated by vast mountain ranges in the north and west, and a nigh-impassable desert to the south west. The people here have developed small villages from the remnants of a once powerful kingdom, long since torn asunder (evil magic?). The yellow dots are the villages and towns that remain, the red dots are ruins from the past kingdom with plenty of adventure to be had! :D

Things to do:
1) Map key. I borrowed from Bogie's graphics, but haven't filled it in
2) Scale/Legend, etc, also....
3) Finalize some old-school Tolkien-esque names for the ruins
4) Map border

I want to try a fancy border, but really don't even know where to begin. Inkscape? Definitely could use some pointers there. I've done Arsheesh's simple GIMP border, which is great...but I want to try some fancy repeating pattern work.

If you need a higher resolution, please let me know...I reduced the size for the forums.

OK....let me have it!

05-17-2013, 11:16 PM
I really like it. I wouldn't say no to a full resolution one !