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05-25-2013, 09:39 PM
This is my second Realm undertaking and it's certainly come a lot farther than the first. Rheilôn is based off the Forgotten Realms cosmology.

So far I've not placed keys or distances on the maps. I'll get back to that eventually. For now, I'll explain them under the maps.

This first map is the known/discovered lands. It gives you a way to place the other, more local, maps.

This was my third digital map, the main continent, Nordikana. Like Faerûn in the FR, this is where most everything takes place.


The red names are official nations. The name under the nation's name is the current ruler. The nation's border color is based on the following:

Orange = Kingdom (ruled by a monarch: king or queen)
Yellow = Petty Kingdom (ruled by lesser royalty: prince, duke, etc...)
Red = Stratocracy (ruled my military)
Cyan = Republic (ruled by an elected official)
Grey = Empire (group of regions ruled by an emperor, empress) (none shown)
Blue = Theocracy (ruled by a deity, governed by their church)
Purple = Plutocracy (ruled by the wealthy)
Green = Magocracy (ruled by arcane spell casters)
White = Aristocracy (ruled by elite citizens / nobles)

Other symbols:
Star = capital
Circle = large metropolis (nothing smaller is represented for sake of space and sanity) (circles inside nations belong to the nation, circles outside are free city-states)
Square = stronghold
Triangle = point of interest
Triple Red Dots = smaller, 'unofficial' regions of other races -- (D) Dwarf -- (H) Halfling -- (G) Gnome -- (E) Elf

This is my fourth map. The nation of Xortaal. It's NE of the Nordikana Continent in the previous map and is the only officially recognized nation on the Destortia Continent. You can see it on the 'known realms' map. I haven't decided its government type yet but I'll probably go with Stratocracy or Kingdom.

Since I haven't given a scale yet, Xortaal is about 650 miles wide.

- Max -
06-17-2013, 06:41 PM
Nice job. I'm not usually a great fan of this kind of map but it's nicely done and I like the very clean and legible work on labels :) Could be great to have the key on the map itself.