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05-30-2013, 01:01 PM
Hello everyone

I am Revuscuan, which is a name from my conworld (To be formed by advice). I really like learning things here in order to make maps for my conworld Zivas.

This site will also help me, I presume, to become familiar with a lot of aspects of cartography and working with photoshop (I am not so good with computers). I am used to draw maps on dead trees, because I can still change a mistake, but in the end, it will get messy. Drawing clean, awesome maps is my first objective.

My main occupation however are linguistics and foreign languages. I speak Dutch as my mother tongue, I am studying French and German at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics in Ghent, I speak English as a fourth language. My second objective is to improve the quality of my English (So you may correct me if I make a mistake). I am constructing a conlang too.

My third and final objective is to understand the growth of cities in general. Why does a building disappear? When do the walls disappear?...

I hope to learn a lot and I thank you beforehand for making this amazing site.

Nasurion 30, non Nivuon Ardan 2013 (30th May, of the terrestrial year 2013)

05-31-2013, 12:58 AM
Welcome to the Guild Revuscuan! Your English is pretty good, and I'd say that you found the right place to pursue your objectives. There is tons of good info on digital map making in the Tutorials sections. Also, Ravells has a tutorial on city formation that may prove useful to you. Look forward to seeing your work.