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Micheal Reynolds
06-04-2013, 05:00 PM
Project Scope:
Initially the project would entail the creation of three fantasy maps relevant to the novel I'm currently writing. A high level map of the western half of the realm I've created and then a blow-up of a duchy and the major northern city. I have roughed out some ideas for generic world layout in Campaign Cartographer, but they are mostly high level details.

As I write more novels (going to do another one this year), I will want to commission the same cartographer to do maps for those as well. In this way, I'm hoping this initial project is the start of a very productive relationship for both of us.

Custom fantasy world that I've designed. I'm a "create as you go" writer so if you feel like flexing some creative muscles with various landscape features I'm more than open to that kind of input. Of course anything I detail in the book will have to be on the map, but it's still a pretty blank canvas even near the conclusion of this first novel.

Design Concept:
I like the look of fantasy maps with script fonts and an aged look to them. Maps should look good in both black and white (for inside the book cover) and color (for display on my publishing company's website). Note: If you think it looks better to do an all black and white map for say, the city map, then that's fine with me. If I hire you, I'll put a lot of trust your vision and what you think is going to be cool.

Number of Maps:
One regional overland map of the western portion of the realm I've created
One regional overland map of a duchy and it's features (basically a drill-down from the above map with indicators associating it with other landmarks on the larger map)
One overhead city map showing some of the details of a capital city

300 DPI, most likely JPEG.
Full color

Remains with cartographer.
As the publisher, I will want the rights to reproduce the map in my novels, on my website, and in promotional materials.

Flexible. I'm just finishing up the novel in the next couple of weeks and then it will go off to my first readers and then for copy edits. At least a couple of months I'm guessing before it'll need to be ready to go.

I'm thinking the cap for this initial phase will be around $500, but will listen to proposals anywhere in that ballpark.
10% on commission of the work
15% for rough drawings of each of the three maps
Balance (45%) due on final delivery of maps/files

Mike Reynolds

Please mention Map Project in your subject line so I can find your email. First time posting a request, so please don't beat me up too bad if I left something out...

Micheal Reynolds
06-12-2013, 09:52 AM
This posting has been filled. Thanks to everyone for your consideration!