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06-10-2013, 02:10 AM
Hi all,

im an 29 year old game-master in a german pen&paper roleplaying game. I like to improvise in my rounds and let the story evolve really fluently with one exception: maps.

In the first evening playing, i was forced to draw a quick scribble of the village the heroes entered - it was a complete desaster with funny things like "oh, erm....im going upstairs and....running into the wall & falling down in the garden?!"

that was the point were my other side woke up: perfectionism ;-) I googled a lot about fantasy cartography and finally found the ProFantasy bundle (owning CC3, CD3 & DD3 atm) and the capabilities of photoshop. With never using both softwares before, its quite a hurdle to take the first results out of them ;-)

So thats why Im here, deeply impressed by your skills regarding mapmaking and regarding your open and helpful communitiy, too. My first attempts will be city / town maps, because the overland maps of my RPG system are really well done. The 2nd point will be more detailled map about goblin camps, dungeons, castles etc., perhaps playable as encounters with grids and all that stuff.

So feel free if you have any questions, Im looking forward to get an active part in here :)

Kind regards,


06-10-2013, 02:36 AM
Welcome to the Guild Sven, you will find material here to keep both sides of your brain stimulated! Have fun browsing through the tutorials section and post up a WIP once you start working on something, you will be sure to receive helpful C&C that way.