View Full Version : Village in the borderland between the fighting Kingdoms

06-10-2013, 02:40 AM
Dear all,

im quite a bit nervous because this is my very first attempt to draw a digital fantasy map. As its still WIP, Ill cut off some story text and just go in my questions regarding feedback / critisism, perhaps somebody will have helpful hints for me?


My main questions are:

Is there any better way to draw palisades in CD3? The standard tool works okay but id appreciate a more realistic look with single & alternating stakes. If necessary, Id be able to do it in PS3, but the auto-effect system for shadows etc. are really helpful for me within CD3...
The ruins at the bottom right look a bit too clear in comparison towards the rest of the map. I took an extra layer, one with the castle and another without it, and erased bits and pieces manually. After that I redraw the edges to get a clearer cut between roof holes and the rest of the graphic. Any better solution for ruins starting within CD3 & adding some effect in PS or just trial & error with this method?

Please feel free to comment this map on every other aspect, too. Im really looking forward for any advise I can get.

The last thing is to mention some extra rep: The style is heavily influenced by these absolutely awesome and inspiring tutorials:

Tutorials | Mapping worlds (http://mappingworlds.wordpress.com/tutorials/)

so thanks a lot!! :)

06-10-2013, 07:29 PM
Wow, one of the nicer CD3 town maps I've seen! Very attractive colors and textures. No criticism here. Great work.