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Vanilla Typhoon
06-12-2013, 11:07 PM
Subject: Whenever I run a new game for my D&D group, I like to try something mechanically very different. This time, I envision having a full and varied map of a world that I can break up into sections with to attribute each section of the map a point value. Each section would have resource indicators such as food or building material, and how many people each section could reasonably sustain. I'd have the players bid on these sections of the map and build countries out of it, and really assist in world building from the ground up while adding a macro element to the normally very micro typical D&D campaign. I would do the partitioning myself, but a map is essential to this idea.

Style: I don't need photorealism, but I would want something without text - just land and water. I'd like something with high color and enough detail to tell basic physical features of the land at a glance. Like an artistic representation you'd find in an atlas. But to aid in the political tension, I'd like larger landmasses with some archipelagos thrown into the mix. It doesn't have to make geographical sense - I'm willing to sacrifice that level of realism for the sake of game building.

Number of Maps: Just the one.

Payment: I'm willing to negotiate. Having tried to fumble my way through mapmaking before, I can easily see it as a complicated and difficult art. I'd hope we can come to a payment arrangement that we can both agree is fair.

Deadline: Open. I'm in the barest conceptual stage of this campaign. I hope to maybe start it by mid-autumn of 2013, but I don't have any actual deadlines.

Copyright: I just want reproduction rights for myself. I'm not planning on selling this idea or making any money off it, so full rights would remain with the cartographer.

Technical: I don't know much about this. I have this idea of being able to print it clearly at a large size, something like three feet by three feet. If that's unrealistic let me know.

Contact: You can hit up either e-mail address.




My name's Adam, and I hope to hear from somebody soon.

06-14-2013, 02:10 AM
No cultural features yet, right? And it doesn't need to be a period look?

For the sake of the discussion, call it Earth-sized? Similar land/sea ratio as Earth, or markedly different?