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06-13-2013, 05:34 PM
Assault On Nightwyrm Fortress (Orcus Conversion) Encounter Maps
I was commissioned to remake a series of dungeons and dragons encounter maps for Myrhdraak's Prince of the Undead Conversion of Assault On Nightwyrm Fortress (here (wizards.com) (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19921178/H1-H3:_Demon_Prince_of_Undeath_Conversion)). I remade maps for the WotC module last year (see sig) and also made one map (G16 Heart of Darkness) for Myrhdraak (G16 is the last map in this (http://www.cartographersguild.com/finished-maps/18846-assault-nightwyrm-fortress-encounter-maps.html)) thread. [Note: I did not do A1 or A3 because they were perfect; I had already made G12 and G16; I left out G4, G5 and G8 urban maps but might do them later].

I have no idea why I keep making maps for this particular module – it is widely considered to be the worst dungeons and dragons module ever made! Nevertheless I like these maps and they can be used by people for other purposes perhaps. I have uploaded reasonable quality versions of them here.

Maps are generally 100 pixels = 1 inch = 1 grid square (the exception is G12 which is 200 pixels = 1 inch/grid). Maps were created using the Gimp and use resources from the dunjinni forums. All maps are for non-commercial use only.

A2 Sarthel library (before and after)

55329 55330

G1 High Eyrie (note: this is my favourite map of the lot!)


G6 Masqerade day/moonlit challenge map


G7 Masquerade night combat map


G10 Undead manor (combines with G11 on two sides for SUPER MAP x4!!!)


G11 House of Shadows (combines with G10 on two sides for SUPER MAP x4!!!)


G12 The Darkwell


G14 Resting Dragons (2 parts)


G15 Barrowmere's study (2 parts)


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Nice work Jacktannery !
I 'm a fan of your work ... truely :) so you have a french fan :p