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06-16-2013, 10:55 PM

Paypal, of course. I'd like to discuss a few things with the artist before deciding on a price, namely how long it will take and some of your previous works.


I'm starting a new campaign that will be based largely underground, and I need some large, specific maps for it. I'm looking for a hand drawn style, somewhat similar to THIS (http://i.imgur.com/LLfzG.jpg), but a good deal larger in scale, and densely packed with caverns. I'm not looking for details in each individual cavern, but I do want some random rivers and dead ends and submerged sections and underground lakes and man-made sections and other such random, flavory bits, which I will leave to the mapmaker's imagination. I would like to have a lot of variety so my characters don't get bored of tunnels.

I only have a few things that must be adhered to, but otherwise I've no clue about individual details. What I do know: I need a cavern with a medium sized city (A few thousand people or so in the medieval style) at one edge, with one large, collapsed tunnel, leading away from the labyrinth. It also needs to have least three tunnel exits, heading in at least slightly different directions. From there, I need a web of interconnecting caverns and paths. Like, a lot of them. Enough to keep adventurers busy for a while. More like the map to a small country than a cave system. I also need one larger cavern with a huge stalagmite to house the final boss dungeon in.


This has already been mentioned, but for completeness I will attach it here also. Something that looks hand drawn, as if a cartographer were scribing it as he explores. Similar to THIS (http://i.imgur.com/LLfzG.jpg).

As for color, it should be black ink on weathered parchment.

Quality And Size

For scale, I'm looking at about 80 KM by 80 KM, with image size at about 1600 pixels or larger.

Time Constraints

I would like it done within one to two weeks. Willing to negotiate for sure, though.


Don't need it.


Contact Me

You can reach me by email. I have a yahoo account, username is athensdamanes.

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It would be great if you provide to us with some kind of contact (like email or similar) cause you are a newie and has less than 5 post, so you can't receive private messages.

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Thanks. I was aware you could not send PMs, but I didn't know you could not receive them.

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