View Full Version : [Other] Small, fantasy themed maps for mobile game

06-21-2013, 08:11 AM
we are small software dev team. We make business and entertrainment mobile apps (for WP8, iOS, Android).
For our newest project we need several fantasy themed maps.

size: 480x405px (display resolution 96 pixels/inch)

Maps shoud be without any labels and names (np city names, river etc, etc...)

We need several, themed maps (ca 10):

- treasure island (ca 10 key places: landing site, ruins, tribesmen village, treasure cave etc)
- snow mountains
- jungle city (lost city)
- "arabian nights" (desert, city of gold, oasis, treasure cave)
- medieval style (fores, forest village, old church, some dungeons, medieval city)

Example map:

We will negotiate payment. (Payment will be done by PayPal)

Deadline: september 1st, 2013

contact: intercom(at)ic-net(dot)pl