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06-26-2013, 08:59 AM
Hi all

I've just returning to RPG gaming and started in a group where each person has taken an island in an archipelago to developing it. Well this is the island I chose I've named it Kelios (because I like the way it sounded). So far I have done the island map and some shots and now started on the main town on the island. Its been a long time since I last tried mapping and having some fun with it. Using CS6 and Terragen 2. Was looking for some thoughts, tips suggestions on pushing the maps to another level.

Island with Hex scale (Island is about 50mile wide, and long blue area's at the bottom are reefs. I have got different hex sizes too but not shown here)
The second island map shows zones of control. So far only done the 3 more to be attached. The grey bar is a navigation line that fits on the main map of the archipelago, to try and link the maps.
55676 55678

Dragon tooth bay as you sail through it.(on a nice day) low tide shot of dragon bay and finally picture from west to east.
55677 55679 55680

Town of Kelios at WIP stage
55696 55697

At the present i'm dealing with the bear of empty space and what to put in it.
Scale is also an issue im trying in my head to decide how many building i should have. and neither id nor ego is winning.

Look forward to hearing thoughts for a new cartographer. Hope there wasnt to many images. :)

Happy Designing :)


Added grass, market, marques, trees, numerous buildings. pond. holding pens fenced are. Looking better more filled out :) hope edit the first page is the what normally done.

06-26-2013, 09:31 AM
looks good and very rep worthy first post. :)

At a quick glance the only problem I see with the views is that in the third, the mountains to the left are VERY blocky. Any way you can broaden the bases because the sides go straight up....

06-26-2013, 10:07 AM
haven't finished the shading of it. :-) was trying to help get an handle on what stage IM at. :-) but noted

Thanks for the points , not sure what it does yet :-)