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07-02-2013, 01:42 PM
Not sure if any of you guys use Pinterest but I came across this guy's profile and he has quite a few interesting cartography boards with old maps (city maps, regional maps, maps of lakes, etc)

cartographica... (http://pinterest.com/dragerarchitect/cartographica/)
cartography | of the island... (http://pinterest.com/dragerarchitect/cartography-of-the-island/)
cartography | of the lake... (http://pinterest.com/dragerarchitect/cartography-of-the-lake/)
walled & fortified cities... (http://pinterest.com/dragerarchitect/walled-fortified-cities/)
panoramic & birdseye maps... (http://pinterest.com/drager/panoramic-birdseye-maps/)
vatican gallery of maps... (http://pinterest.com/dragerarchitect/vatican-gallery-of-maps/)
cartography with sea monsters... (http://pinterest.com/drager/cartography-with-sea-monsters/)
cartography | of the cosmos... (http://pinterest.com/dragerarchitect/cartography-of-the-cosmos/)
cartography | of the city... (http://pinterest.com/dragerarchitect/cartography-of-the-city/)

He's also got some architecture boards which you can look through here:
Drager Architecture (dragerarchitect) on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/dragerarchitect/)

Enjoy :)