View Full Version : Assistance with generated content for Worlds

07-07-2013, 03:45 PM
A bit of background... my CityGenerator app dynamically generates content based on a randomly seeded number ( a City ID or seed) and several backend xml files. The actual process is much more complex than that, but the important thing to glean is that more xml options== greater variation.

The current section I'm dealing with is World Generation- what details are important to know about a world. On one hand, it needs to be generally supportive of a fantasy campaign, but on the other it needs to allow for a great deal of variation on multiple levels.

I currently have two xml files: worlddata.xml (https://github.com/morgajel/CityGenerator/blob/CityGenerator_refactor/xml/worlddata.xml) and worldnames.xml (https://github.com/morgajel/CityGenerator/blob/CityGenerator_refactor/xml/worldnames.xml).

Any input, feedback, or new suggestions would be welcome.