View Full Version : [Unpaid] Looking for landscape kinda map ideas for a minecraft world and you can help build.

07-14-2013, 06:46 AM
I started building a world in world painter which is a minecraft landscaper and looked on this site for inspiration a few days back etc.

I have the basis mostly done but missing the finer details to make the map and don't have the skills I guess to do those properly so this is why the thread, to see if anyone is willing to help and you can also help lead your project and build your ideas into the actual map.

At the bottom is a link to what I have built so far, a top down version exported from world painter this PNG is the actual map and full size at 7.7mb.

I'm looking for overhead and various features for the map to make it more dense and new additions I can do.

Maps do not have to be super detailed and any quick rough sketch will do as long as they show the features paths etc and the stuff can then be properly made on world painter or ingame using the map features as a kinda rough and loose interpretation.

Also below is the zone layouts in its original size a few things have changed since I drew the zones as a new hilly style zone is built on the south area of the west region above Little Vienna.

Here are the thought on what I was wanting to achieve.

Main central area will be a castle town with the river around it with the castle on a raised up area with the town below, circling it or something.

Little Vienna is meant to a town with canals and rivers through it the weird area on the right is hoped to end up like the Eeorzea waterfall in style going down to the city etc but not the exact same from the Final Fantasy XIV vid (here is a pic of a recreation in crysis (http://i42.tinypic.com/73o6m8.jpg))

Wasteland area I'm not too happy about and could be more wasteland'ish.

Desert is just ground texture nothing in there yet but hope for a city in the middle and some dunes I guess.

Plains I was hoping like a mmo style open plains area.

Mountain range is basic but not the best.

I'm hoping I can get some finer details paths through the hills etc drawn up with rivers and forests etc in a kinda skyrim style winding trails etc but I'm not talented enough to do those finer details myself or even plan down to that level.

The northern mainland I was thinking a skyrim styles custom hilly all over free design and build for anyone interested.

Also any designs for little vienna and main central will be handy as there the 2 main towns I want designs for and probably the west port area which will go up to the main town as a outer city extension of the inner city, there will be many will be other major cities and towns and I guess add those and fit them in when we can.

Link (https://sites.google.com/site/revengermods/Home/world%20map%20stuff.jpg) to photoshop top down map.

Link (https://sites.google.com/site/revengermods/Home/project-test.jpg?attredirects=0) to a 1-1 exported image of the world painter map.

World Painter URL (http://www.worldpainter.net/) for those wanting to know more about what I use or thoser that want to help build the map before export.

All world stuff I hope to do in World Painter first then export as a actual playable map then go in do cleanup on what couldn't be done or would have been too hard to do in the painter before getting down and actually building all the structures etc to a layout system.

I export the map occasionally to have a look and test ingame and willing to show anyone what the latest export is on my home system if they want.

07-15-2013, 04:22 AM
I fixed the links to the so far built map so it works now, sorry bout that.

Fell free to use the actual game map for additions and sizing and as a background layer in Photoshop as that's why it is there in full real size.

Also added into first post any rough additions for finer details will do as long as we can properly work based on that on a loose interpretation its all good.

Even if anyone wants to just say I think this would work here on the map or add a 5 minute quick map edit on something its all good.

I'm not expecting just one person to take this up to do the features but anyone and everyone is able to do a little part if they feel like it.