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Relic Kimah
07-17-2013, 11:24 AM
I am a Michigan native, hence the historical title here. Most of what I care to publicize about myself is available on my profile here, on a Facebook page, and on <deviantart.com> under the pseudonym ~DarthShmoogy. In these places, you would also see the writing, drawing, and interests I have.

Briefly, I have been a writer since I was very young. I was in the Young Authors contest of Michigan schools, winning recognition several times for that and poetry. I still write poetry on occasion, but for the last seven years or so I have been focusing on (or obsessed with) my science fiction story arc I call Lone Soldier. It details the plights and victories of a hundred races in the Milky Way Galaxy, on the other side of the core, through about ten thousands years of history.

Some spans of this history are covered better than others, but all told I have created more than one thousand pages of story (in short stories, novellas, and novels), 493 pages of schematics for scifi vehicles and buildings, dozens of pages of appendix information, and a dozen pages of maps and star charts for the arc. Iíve spent some time on this stuff. The maps I drew for the planet Lynop, and possibly the star charts for that sector of known space, are what I intend to post here.

I also drew a tunnel system for a role-play campaign of my friend Corinth Panther on graph paper. In all, it took up about fifteen square feet. Lining up the different parts was the biggest challenge. One needs a lot of floor to do that.

At any rate, that is the focus of my most recent creativity. I have five Lone Soldier titles up for sale on Kindle and in print through Amazon thanks to its CreateSpace server. (Is that not the perfect name for self-publishing science fiction?) I hope everyone here enjoys the work I post, here and on other sites, and I would love for people to read my stories.

07-18-2013, 12:33 AM
Welcome to the Guild Relic Kimah! Looking forward to seeing those star charts, planet maps and tunnel maps. There are several other writers here (and I'm sure more than a couple poets), so you are in good company.