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07-18-2013, 12:14 AM
New to this forum so I'm not sure that this is the right place for this thread, or even if what I'm asking is allowed on this forum.

New Avaria

Description of New Avaria:

New Avaria is the remnants of Earth. In 1928 Germany/Austria was on the verge of loosing the Great War. So as a last desperate act they detonated a Nuclear Bomb (with the power to destroy earth's surface) and well, they did it. Decades later the last pieces of land known to man are those four islands (New Avaria). No one knows who was who. Hence like all beginnings of civilization, they created a country and claim themselves the "first humans", so Exthurans and the Garthics fight a constant war to prove who is better. While the two countries wage their war, a royal family reappears, The House of Ardia. This family was the pact between Prussia and Austria in 1912. They own a small island, with a small army, caught in the middle of the fuse between the Exthurans and the Garthics. They are a neutral country, they seek nothing in the terms of war. However Garthcia and the Exthuran Dominion are preparing to take the island over for themselves.

Map (with names added)


What I'm wanting is a map for the four major cities for each individual island.

Ardinia (House of Ardia)

This little island is a port side biased city. It's fairly large, but pales in size compared to the mainlands. The city has a circle-like shape surrounding the south-east coast. About a mile north of the city stands the estate of ardia. A large mansion. To the north west of the city (about a mile away) lays the Ardinian Air-Base. I will post pictures of examples below:


This map is the type I'm looking for. An air look with simple models. This picture below is the theme I want for Ardinia. Just with a more circle-like shape.


I'm just going to post this much since I'm not even sure if what I'm asking is do-able here.

07-18-2013, 02:28 PM
At the bottom of the list of forums is a map request forum. Please read the sticky at the top of that forum for guidelines on successfully getting an artist for a commission.

A word of warning: Cities can be very time-consuming and difficult, so expect to have to pay well, give a lot of artistic license, or be very patient.

And welcome to the Guild!