View Full Version : Porshadoxus says Hello

07-20-2013, 11:56 AM
Hi all.

Been playing RPGs for 20 years, mapping for myself about half that time. Too bad many of my maps were lost when I moved a few years ago; I hate when that happens. :(

Anyway, I recently started a new RPG campaign with my kids in a land I've been brewing for a few years. I've sketched a basic map of the area, but hit upon what I believe is a unique way to develop the map- I'm cross stitching the map, stitch by stitch. This allows me time to consider what I'm adding to the map, rather then get ahead of myself in the process.

Another memory comes to mind-
I spent a week with family at a lake in Maine, USA a few years back. Along the shore I found a semi-flat rock with lots of surface character. I drew and developed a map based on the shape and surface characteristics of that rock. That was fun!

Glad to be aboard.