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07-25-2013, 06:49 PM
Hi all

I've been writing stories for myself for many, many years. Recently, I've had the germ of a story struggling to break out so I've decided to make a go of it and flesh out this weird wee world.
As part of that I wanted to create a map. As I have zero artistic ability and struggle to draw a straight line with a ruler or a circle with a compass, I went agooglin' and came across Kindar on youtube who had a wonderful and very easy to follow map making series. I decided there and then to buy the latest Photoshop and have been making world maps using his technique. It has helped me get used to the program - though I am still very much a novice.

As Kindar mentions this site a lot, I've began lurking around for a few weeks, gawking at the creativity you guys have the support to each other that you show. Some of the maps I've seen here have instantly transported to these fantasy worlds that are so ripe with possibility. Maps have been one of the main elements that have attracted me to some of my favourite books, from Tolkien to Eddings and the wonderful city maps of Jordan's WOT, especially Tar Valon. So it's great to come across a site like this that focuses on fantasy cartography.

Finally, I'd like to give thanks to people like RedEpic, Obliro, Vorro, Dain and Scwarz - and so many more whose names I can't recall - for such incredible skills. My favourite artist (though it pains this Englishman to say I favour a Frenchie ;>!) has to be Max. Everything I've seen you create is truly mesmerising, but Selvarin is that little bit extra special. Now if only I can get to that level...

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

07-30-2013, 06:22 PM
Welcome to the Guild thecraftybee! As you say, there are many talented artists here. If you stick around and practice you could become one of them. There are some wonderful tutorials here to help you learn the ropes (many of which are for Photoshop). Look forward to seeing you around.