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07-30-2013, 01:19 PM
Hey folks, I'm looking for a skilled map-maker who can create a map for me and my guild. I'm preparing to run a guild on World of Wacraft's Moon Guard server. Everyone who's RPed on World of Warcraft and knows a bit about its lore knows that the world isn't to actual scale - and so playing on that, we've decided to create a fan-fictional zone within the larger universe.

It would be preferable for someone who's played that game and knows its current zone and map composition to take this on; although anyone could theoretically.

This map and the area it's depicting is going to be situated on the coastline of northrn Eastern Plaguelands, in the moutainous regions between that and Quel'thalas. There's going to be a sizable coastline, however most of it will be cliffs -- with only a small portion of it being non-cliff. And on that area is a single fishing town, with a dock, etc. Up in elevation, a ways from the coast is a military establishment of a good size, established there by the kingdom of Lordaeron. It has a barracks, towers, etc.

Just off the coastline is a nondescript island.

There is a crashed necropolis on a few miles away from the human military installation and on the beginnings of a densely wooded area - on either side are mountains - that ends after a few miles and on the other side of that forest is a Scourge base that is unrivaled in size and scope. Still there are mountains on either side. The Scourge base begins with sizable gate - similar in scope to the wall that guarded Deatholme. Its gate is lifted, though the entrance exposed is barricaded with crates, barrels, anything, spikes. Within this gate and these walls are ziggurats, plague cauldrons, slaughterhouses, temples of the damned, sacrificial pits, graveyards, crypts, anything you can think of inside a typical WC3 Scourge base that has had time to build up. This Scourge base runs along into the mountains until the mountains close its way off.

Where the mountain closes off... there's a small cave entrance into the mountain side that leads to an expansive cave network. On the other side of that cave network, there is another entrance, flanked by Scourge banners that are flapping in the wind. At that other entrance begins a windy, treacherous pathway that leads down the moutainface to just outside Stratholme.

This area is similar in its state of being plagued as EPL is, though it is much colder. Think a cross between Northrend and EPL. It is chilled, snowy even, but it is also foggy. Very foggy.

This place is called "Kel'thuzad's Landing."

The first map needs to be in the style of other World of Warcraft zone maps. And the second map should be much more detailed, allowing for role-play to center around it, etc.

This is unpaid, but if someone could help out, I would appreciate it so much. If someone does respond to this thread, please ask any clarifying questions. I may've been ambiguous in my description of the area. My email is stuartjohndavis91@gmail.com and you can contact me via that as well.

The time frame for this isn't anything set in stone - it can be negotiated - but obviously the sooner the better.

Thank you to whoever reads this, for giving it your consideration!

07-31-2013, 01:17 PM
Sorry for double-posting, but here's some additional information that I forgot to add.

I'd like the map professional, though it's not going to be printed. It's just going to be used on a website and forums to foster role-play. So, copyright won't really be an issue - we're not publishing the map or anything.

I'm not much of a map person, so I don't know what good dimensions are in the least bit. But it shouldn't be small. It'd be preferable if it could be on the larger end of things. And as far as vector versus raster, it doesn't really matter. I would need to consult with someone before I made a decision on that. I would assume that with raster, you'd be able to get more detail and have it look order, but it wouldn't scale as well as vector.

Anyway! I'm just gonna throw in a fervent please!

08-03-2013, 01:40 PM
Here are some examples of maps found in the World of Warcraft universe: This is the Eastern Plaguelands (http://www.imageslime.com/img/Eastern-Plaguelands-Cataclysm-map-3441.jpg); here is Ghostlands (http://www.imageslime.com/img/Ghostlands-map-3500.jpg). Those are the two geographically nearest zones on the WoW map.

08-11-2013, 04:40 PM
Still searching!