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08-03-2013, 07:53 AM
*freelancer hired. Thanks for all replies*

Map for upcomig indie IPAD rpg-roughelike(ish) game.

I am in need of a map, the canvas is exaclty the size of the included example image.

The example is pieced toghther by a few 'stencils' my illustrator created, and might be used as a guideline for style.
Other styles can be considered if presented.

The map should contain an area of a fictional world, and takes place on the border of the imperial realms towards the 'savage' land.
A small village, once the frontier town of the raging wars before the peace set in, is now a refugee for treasure hunters, bandits, insane, heroes and bounty hunters.

The map needs 6 keypoint areas ( to be described better) that the player can visit to conquer the dungeon/tower or to visit the merchant. These key areas need two different states: active and 'beaten'

Timeframe is rather loose, but I would like to have it finished within some weeks.

Please send offers or questions to zirk@online.no



small gameplay video if the battle system:

Lich Tower of Doom, first gameplay video - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTkkILUKrzw&feature=youtu.be)