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Jaqen Hagar
08-03-2013, 08:19 PM
Good Evening, (in france, this is the night when I have posted this thread...)

Or good day,

I present you the world map of the story of fantasy whom I am writing.

http://www.cartographersguild.com/members/jaqen+hagar-albums-%26quot%3Bles+terres+d%27ordale%26quot%3B.++worldm ap+%28french+title%29-picture56559-carte-dordale-monde-entier-copie.jpg

I copy you the small explanatory summary which I wrote for the album which I wrote to complete:

It is about a sketch of a world map for the universe of fantasy whom I am writing. It is a world of the kind Dark Fantasy. This map is the complete map of the Earth of Ordale. But for my story, just a small part (that where there is a majority of continents will be used. Other continents apparaitront probably later in the narrative). It is not ended yet, I use especially sketch of this one to know how to make it at best, and can be still modified in the future. If I counted well the map count all in all 91 cities. Most are concentrated in the North is. The South is less populated and investigated because of the hilly landscape, of its volcanic lands, and ravaged by cataclysms And of his estrangement also. Furthermore it is necessary to cross the ocean of the typhoon to reach it, what returns any risky approach, but not impossible by making a long bend by the East.
The life in the world of Earth of Ordale is difficult. Of numerous dangers, wars, treasons, and conflicts of interests threaten his habitants. As well as the lands which are investigated still not enough little by place, and in the hilly landscape. For the map, and its geography, I made some superficial searches in geographies (thank you wikipedia, this is very helpfull for having some news ideas)

As regards places indicated on the map, I tried to make so that it represents most sometimes, hardness of the world of the lands of Ordale. And that with regard to the geography, to make names for the varied consonances, and coherent. For example on the continent of Yaga Nor, all the places or almost are written with the words of the language of his habitants.For example "Xho" means broken mountain, or of fire, or still burnt person according to the interpretations, the translations and suffixes. And an other example "Yaga Nor" Mean " The lands of those who endured " (the language works especially compared with the context in which the words are used, the same word used in a quiet situation, and a confrontation will have two different definitions).

There are 7 continents in this world:

- Îles Ethéennes, Islands east of the cardmap
- Yaga Nor, continent in the south
- Ordale, great continent near the center of the map
- Aronir, small isle on the north of continent of Ordale (Atharash Khân kingdom)
- Bordereth, contient with the empire of Terssinord
- Per Véllénir, incated on the mapworld
- Amsor, great isle group in the south of "Per Véllénir"

The map is not ended yet, I work a little every day to improve it. (I have some more of work to be made, and I have already spend a great
time above to modify it.

But I shall like having notices as regards the geography. The shape of continents, names of places, cities, and so on. All which occurs you. Every objective criticism will be welcome.

Excuse I for the faults that he can have there there in the text.

If need be, I can post some precision about the map.

08-04-2013, 10:52 AM
Hi Jagen, welcome to the guild!
A WIP is a Work In Progress :) My biggest comment is that there are some abnormalities in regards to your rivers. Rivers in the real world never cut straight across landmasses. They start as streams at high ground and collect into larger rivers as they take the path of least resistance to the ocean. That is unless they head into a basin which doesn't reach the ocean and empties through evaporation like the dead sea. As such, your rivers in Per Vellenir and around La Septentrion don't make a lot of sense. I would advise splitting them out so that each river only has one exit to the sea. :)

08-04-2013, 11:27 AM
Bonjour, même si j'aime la lagune de Molière, je vais répondre en anglais pour que les autres puissent aussi comprendre

Viking is right about the rivers, at some places, your landmass look like some island because it's cut off from the continent by a river. In le Royaume des milles-banières for example.
Another thing, the north look like you added a layer on top of it but you misplaced it. Some mountains and textures where cut in a straight line. See Le Massif Ashtarii.
Your labels need to be more consistent so they can be easier to read. check this out : http://www.cartographersguild.com/reference-material/12373-positioning-names-maps.html
To sum up, avoid the overlap with other elements such as mountains or at least put something under in order to make the font stand out, like this High Marches Regional by ~Levodoom on deviantART (http://levodoom.deviantart.com/art/High-Marches-Regional-321248696)
Aslo, you should avoid splitting names, unless they are very close. You could consider putting more space between your characters to fill the space but most map don't feel the need to fill all the space.

I guess the transition in the ocean is not yet finished everywhere,but it's a good start.

What software are you using for mapping?

Jaqen Hagar
08-04-2013, 06:42 PM
Good envening Vking and Azelor,

First of all thank you very much for your very relevant remarks.

Viking, I take note of your suggestions to apply them when I shall redo rivers, I did not know that. That is going to help me to redraw rivers on the mapworld.
It is true that by looking at rivers closer with regard to the incoherence that it wastes quite a lot of things in term of realism for the geography of the worldmap. I recognize that it is difficult to realize by oneself this kind of details.

Azelor, The line is due to the fact that it is on this line that stopped the north border of my first worldmap. Which was much smaller than that there. It made 4000*3000 pixels compared with that here which has a dimension of 12000*9000 pixels). I had not taken time to draw mountains a little higher.
For writings, I imagine that it was have to be easy and pleasant to read. Do you think that the size of writing of the name of cities, and places is rather big? And I do not forget not to stack elements as I made it on my worldmap here.

This worldmap is a draft, I intend to redo everything. I spent a big part of the day to redo the basis of the worldmap. Contrary to the previous one, I am going to use copies, and well to take time to make everything stage by stage.

Here is the beginning of the new worldmap of Ordale's lands, where I am going to be able to redo everything:
( I shall post regularly the progress of my work here)

I use GIMP as software for the cartography.

08-04-2013, 06:53 PM
Thanks for the tips on rivers!

08-04-2013, 09:38 PM
My pleasure Yanarchist :)
I look forward to seeing how this map develops Jagen!

08-08-2013, 05:32 PM
I think that the size of the text is okay.

Jaqen Hagar
12-17-2013, 07:26 AM
I don't forget my map, I restat everything, and I have changed many names, and also a great parts of my story.

Jaqen Hagar
01-15-2014, 06:40 PM
This is a version of my worldmap, with new names, etc... What do you think ? Objectives criticisms are welcom. :)

(this map is for my story of high and dark fantasy).

First map just for my story :

I draw everything with my mouse... I prefer to be focused on my stroy than my map.

01-15-2014, 10:37 PM

I like your map!

There are still problems with some rivers: Meandres de Denolinndor, Velyr, Feldon, and the 2 rivers flowing out of Lac de Nidenn. The water does not want to take 2 paths (unless it is a marshy delta area, with the appropriate scale for that, perhaps at Amlen you could add a marsh or delta). All of the water usually wants to flow through the one path which goes lower faster.

Where the tributaries come together: it is good.

Where the rivers split apart: it is not so believable. Keep working to improve it if you have time!

Also you have several big mountain ranges without rivers & streams. It would be nice to add rivers coming from 4-5 more mountain ranges.

01-16-2014, 01:14 PM
I think you still

have the same problem

with rivers and labels :)

but the names are interesting

01-16-2014, 03:29 PM
I like the new rivers, that was one thing I realized first in the first map, too.

There are quite a number of big river splitting but it works for the Fleuve (because of the mountains) and Sirthenn/Nunên (because of the huge lake / small sea). Not so much at the Linden/ Rivtère Verte. Just from looking at the map, I would expect the Rivtère Verte to dry out. ;) If the river sprung further inwards in the Vala Ethennand then approached Vêlyr from the northeast, just to turn southeast before reaching the city, however, it would be possible, that an industrious Duke would build a channel through the Vêlyrn ridge in order to connect Linden and Rivtère Verte. (Sure, this would have to be maintained and controlled in order to not run dry or produce ugly floods in the wrong areas but think of all the taxes to be collected, if the small villages around Lac Vert could ship their wood directly to the mines of Thrôrianor and stuff. ;) )

Coastlines: They are interesting. I like that, that definitely makes opportunities for some great political constellations. Also looks plausible, except: Amsor. I can not really imagine how this came to be, landmasses don't just shatter apart. And oceans don't just decide to cut some straits through a continent. A single crack in a landmass/ocean strait like through Per Véllénir is easily explained but those are like 6 different breaking lines in Amsor!
Possible explanations? First of all, of course the fist of an really angry God. Yes, this could really well be, what a countryside could be, centuries after the continent has been smashed by a mayor God.
The second guess would be a really unlucky friction zone of 3 tectonic plates. This is probably the better explanation in all but the most high fantasy settings but the logical consequence would be, that this area is an earthquake hell and probably has 3 different words for Tsunami. ... Okay, thinking about this, I like the coastlines there, too. I -as your hypothetical reader- just get curious WHY it looks that way, so you better have an answer. ;)

Mountain ranges: Again, just one point here: Why the Paines of Moriag? Especially in that shape, I really can't think of any reason, how this could have come into existence except for a less angry and more tidy God with a huge plane (the tool).

And last, forests: Well, those seam to be rather randomly placed, are they?
How do forests happen anyway: Air goes over sea and picks up some water. If the sun shines hot and the water evaporated, it takes a lot of it. Then the wind hits land and needs to go up because of the rising altitude, rising pressure and some stuff I don't understand happens but the result is clearly: rain. Especially rainy, if the moist wind hits a mountain range (consequently, on the wind shielded side of a mountain range the wind is rather dry). And since weather is unpredictable to a point, there is a chance of some rain some times, wherever there is dominantly moist air, even if the land does not incline a lot.
Thus, the forests are mostly weired, it's not just one. Most obvious offenders are:
- The isles de la perdition: water around them everywhere, the Septentrinal forests have no reason at all to stop at the sea, those isles should be thick of vegetation.
- The Figèe forest between the Titan's break mountains and the dunes of Ocreterre: If there is south wind from the Sablonnant ocean, enough of it would come down over the dessert, that it's not exactly a desert and if there is dominantly north wind, it would rain itself out on the north side of the mountains, not on the south side (This is the only instance of forest where it should not be, other then that, there should overall be more green).
- The autonome forests in central Amsor. Whatever wind flow makes trees grow there, it should provide good rain and temperature for forests for at least a quarter-circle shaped part of the shattered continent. That is, of course except for magical effects. Likewise artificial forest cleansing could result in something like that but seriously, on this scale your world should have at least around World War 1 tech level for this to be plausible.

Overall, the map has succeeded on the most important test: If you (or me) can zoom in on 5-10% of the map and the land features create a number of ideas for stories of regional scope, then it is good. :)

01-16-2014, 03:58 PM
I like the new rivers, that was one thing I realized first in the first map, too.

There are quite a number of big river splitting but it works for the Fleuve (because of the mountains) and Sirthenn/Nunên (because of the huge lake / small sea). Not so much at the Linden/ Rivtère Verte.

Actually, the mountains make the river violation worse. Since rivers flow downhill, they should start FROM the mountains, not go TOWARD them. And a river would not split in that fashion anyway, regardless of lakes and mountains.

01-17-2014, 12:46 AM
Actually, the mountains make the river violation worse. Since rivers flow downhill, they should start FROM the mountains, not go TOWARD them. And a river would not split in that fashion anyway, regardless of lakes and mountains.

Think of it this way: Generally speaking, the land is rising towards the southwest and northeast, so the water from the mountains in Thromèriand has no other way but to flow towards the sharp peaks there (increased by numbers of minor inflows on both sides).
Maybe originally, the River took just one direction around the mountains, say the southwest one but the rain that collects itself in the northeastern parts of the mountains must go somewhere, too. The groundwater level in the mountains is so high, that you naturally get some springs along the way towards the lower land, so another river washed it's way marking the river-bed between the peaks and the steady inclining towards the northeast. Now one year - or rather a few successive years - in spring or autumn, the Fleuvé carried exceptional water masses, producing floodings along the shore. now in this area the high water was enough to spill over into that other river, there you get a current and this current washed away the earth that was separating the northeast and southwest arm. There you have it: A river split on rock level. No arm can dry out because there is a real lot of water in that river and the ground levels for both arms are equal at the split for quite a while (rock bott and differences further down the two arms are evened out by the additional inflows, the two arms get from the small riverlets from the mountains.

01-17-2014, 01:32 PM
That is not how rivers work in reality. Of course it's fantasy, so...

01-17-2014, 05:17 PM
That is not how rivers work in reality. Of course it's fantasy, so...
The Wikipedia article about River bifurication (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_bifurcation) has 7 examples of rivers working that way in reality. :( And that does not include Bifurcation lakes like the Lake of Ninden in Jagen's map.

In order to provide something useful for the OP:
From my understanding of the geography follow a few ideas:
- The two split rivers of the Fleuve Norios (or distributaries, as the technical term is, what I know since 5 minutes) are probably incredibly rough waters.
- The Fleuve Norios must be a really big river, not only Rhein- or Seine-kind of big, more in the league of the Nile. Compared to other rivers of this water volume transported, it is probably rather deep and has a strong current, specifically near the disjunction and this counts twice for each distributary.
- Thus, sailing these rivers is dangerous, especially upstream against the current, only expert sailors dare that. Since it's still very big rivers, the size of the ship is less a matter then knowledge of the dangerous passages. The ground is rocky and there may just be some sharp cliffs every here and there.

- The outflows of Ninden's lake is quite the opposite: The huge lage (I mean, that thing is really huge. If the equator is somewhere at the south border of the new map and the north pole is somewhere slightly above the upper border, that lake is almost half as big as the black sea. Or maybe as much as the great lakes of North America together) acts as a water reservoir that levels out natural flucturations in the water level of the Bealyrnn thus those rivers are likely quite quite with very little current. Sailing them is easy, upstream and downstream. It need not be very deep everywhere but should still be enough for your average old sailboat. If your setting has 17th century ships of the line, those may be to big to use those rivers