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08-05-2013, 05:12 PM
Heya Hiya. So while I'm working on Valgard, which will not be truly finished for some time. There is alot of internal world building that needs to be done before things are represented on a map. I needed just a quick side project to work on when I am out of ideas or stuck. This world depicted here, however, is called Nobes, and it is essentially a world completed. It was a location where my friends and I used to roleplay, but hasn't been used for some time. I have old maps that I made, but they are pretty terrible. I'd be sort of embarrassed to share them. So, I wanted to make a new one. My goal here is a simple one- I want it to look like a computer interface of some kind, maybe like a HUD or the feel of an interactive map on a console of some type. It doesn't need to be super detailed... Indeed, it is actually a simplified map using only 90 and 45 degree angle lines. I don't think I will really put in any topographical parts, but this may change. Right now I am just looking for ideas for a border or interesting elements so it looks pretty. So, in short, its a fluff/ vanity piece that I can use to help get creative juices flowing. Any comments/ suggestions/ criticism is more than welcome though =)


The world itself is, at its heart, a fantasy setting, but it does have hi tech machines and the like that help fill it. There are many races that live in this world- from demons and angels to vampires and humans. Part of the overarching story of the world is that Demons broke loose from their underworld prisons, messed up SOME stuff, but eventually intigrated their way into normal society. Lots of silly hijinks ensued.

08-21-2013, 01:50 AM
I really don't have much to add, but I like it a lot. Its very unique and original, not sure Ive ever seen something like it. I love the oversimplified shape of the natural landmasses for some kind of GUI. Would be interesting to see some sort of high-tech GUI around the borders aswell.