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07-05-2008, 01:05 AM
Okay, the FHCO's and I are going to try a challenge, but seeing as it is the holidays, and they have relatives visiting, I am just posting a placeholder.
They may use it for a guide once they are back into Snapgallows.
Since this is my first challenge, and I have never seen a vtt, this may not be usable,,,but for FHCO's purposes, since I just invested in the 4th edition and a bunch of accesories for them I thought I would mix the challenge with there first game.
The place holder breaks down as the street Hebbie's is on, the ground floor, the 1st floor (or second, over here), some images of NPC/PC characters to represent tokens (not on seperate layer), and some filler.

I have some questions, does the image have to be square, I don't even know why I went with a rectangle, perhaps shell shock.
Is there a max size for tokens?
I know the scale is missing, as are the doors and windows on the ground floor, forgot to unhide them in sketchup, and two different scales between ground floor and 1 st floor as well, and different styles, but it is just to give them ideas and let them do the image manipulation as they decide.
and I forgot the rest


### Latest WIP ###

07-05-2008, 08:15 AM
I'd say go with it the way you want it unless it says gotta be square in the challenge text.

"Never seen a vtt"... cor I dunno what are you like eh ? :o

07-05-2008, 10:04 AM
Oops, I should amend the statement "I have never seen a vtt", I DO have and have used Redrobes excellent ViewingDale, I just don't have a computer to run it on currently, this laptop is the Igor of Technology, drags its feet at the first sign of work, and the graphics card is as old as his hump.
In fact the software is sitting on the shelf in front of me screeching, "buy a new computer, it's boring up here!"
So I should have said, I have no experience with vtt, and may ask stoopid questions.

"cor I dunno what are you like eh ?"
Too many variables hidden within that question to answer in this lifetime..


07-05-2008, 11:49 AM
You might want to try launching MapTool from the Web start on your computer then. It may start just find for you.

Here's the link: http://rptools.net/dist/webstart.php/maptool-rc.jnlp

Just click that link and it should launch. Note that this is the "old version", but it is the released version. It should at least give you some experience with a VTT. ;)

07-05-2008, 01:29 PM
awesome, I will give it a try, if I can get it going then the kids can load the app on their computer, its only a few months old, and makes me jealous. Sketchup really zips along for them, bogs for me. SeerBlue

Edit, works great, now I will have to read the docs.

07-05-2008, 01:36 PM
If you do end up getting a newer computer make sure to update to the newest version of Java and then download the newest development version of MapTool. There is a ton of new features in there and all kinds of D&D 4e support has been added, if that is your cup of tea, along with some really awesome token and macro updates that really pushes MT to a whole new level of VTT goodness.

07-05-2008, 03:03 PM
I will have to remember all that, new computer is probably going to wait until after November, I'll be moving back to NH then, and since all my stuff won't fit in my panniers for my cannondale, a half country tour by bicycle is out of the question.
I think the kids are going to love this, thanks for the links.

07-05-2008, 03:12 PM
I think I am going to go with a less rectangular map, as a secondary use for this is I am going to get it printed, laminated, and mounted on art board for the FHCO's to use, and kids always want every thing equal, so square it is.
Their player character pictures are actually going be pockets that hold little reference cards for their players short history, simplified stats, and the like.
Tokens for their characters and tokens for their special ability ranges will need to find a home, as will the disc with all the files to re-do the playboard as needed. Can you picture a flying squirrel/armadillo mix that has 2 spines which injects a liquid brain washer.

Good thing I read a few other mappers posts, I definitely don't know my east from my west.

07-06-2008, 06:32 PM
Sooo, while waiting for the FHCO's I drew out a new floor plan for Hebbies Ale house that conforms to the challenge, and sorted out east and weast (spongebob and patrick, anyone). I also found loads of new ruby scripts for sketchup, new to me, which will assist them , like line to multiwall, draw a line, click, click, there is your wall.
So all they have to do is follow the floor plan somewhat and they should be good to go.

As that is as much as I plan on helping them with, though I may have to build the spiral staircase for them, I started making some example tokens for them..very simple, FHCO Snappie style, which depict "their" characters, who may or may not be in the Ale House the night of the Ambush.
I have also condensed a bit of the characters histories/traits into a document in case they are in the Ale House, and offer info or assistance.

This is Lemur's token, and there is a bit about Lemur near the end of the Snapgallows thread in the CWBP, it's a pan flute and drum she plays about Snapgallows, collecting coppers during the day,,,,she is only three or four after all. here is a very small bit of Lemur info, post 37 (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?t=2189&page=4)
Its not scaled or anything, will need to see how big of a map they make before doing that.

07-06-2008, 06:37 PM
Lovely! I love the character and humour in this one!

07-06-2008, 09:08 PM
Here be the token for Bumblemouse, my daughter, she travels about West Fentor and is commonly known as "that old woman with the purple bow topped wagon, you know, the one who tells old stories at Harvest Burning", but Bumblemouse is shorter. Just a bit of a long tale is found in the annotations to this tale at the CWBP (http://cwbp.cartographersguild.com/index.php?title=Snapgallows)

Snappers have long since given up trying to suss out just who Bumblemouse is, or what she does beyond tell stories and purchase vast amounts of sweets from Nils the Sunderer.
But there is much more to this old wanderer than meets the eye. Which of course will be in the aforementioned document when done.

07-06-2008, 09:32 PM
yet another, though this one is an NPC, as far as the FHCO go.
Introducing Odduck the Grand (pronounced Odd Duck).

Odduck the Grand, Snapgallows resident Wizard who can often be found seated near the middle of Hebbie's topboard, betwixt Nils the Sunderer and the clay jars of sweets. If Odduck is in residence, his current pet, a Pintailed Duck named "Nort", will be seen resting atop the shelving behind the topboard, yelped limestone shelving which holds Hebbie's flavored Tatershine bottles.
Odduck was once a powerful caster, but his mind went south and he knew it was time to remove his hat, and retire, when he last tried conjure a simple flame to lite his piping tamped full of "Rusty Mallard" leaf, and promptly incinerated his then current duck companion, Wonk, the Mallard.
Odduck, who is rather stooped and bald to boot, will now only cast in the direst of emergencies....though he can still teach, he can't do.


07-07-2008, 12:24 AM
Well I added some more tokens, the new ones on the right are for the troublemakers, sons of the Seven Families, I will write it up tomorrow night, storms a coming in now, a rowdy hurrah to the first person who can tell me what the thing sitting on the tile flooring, which is identical for each of the sons of the Seven Families is, and why....though you would have to know a little Snapgallows history to figure it out, me thinks


07-07-2008, 05:34 AM
Your tokens look full of character. Great work Seerblue!

07-07-2008, 11:52 AM
thank you, Ravells, it has been fun making them. Honestly when I saw the excellant tokens over at Kane's, I thought, wow "I'll never come close to that", and I haven't, so I decided to make tokens that the FHCO's would easily identify to the characters from the story and keep them illustrative.
For the Son's of the Seven Familes tokens above, it goes from the sword standing up; Bohden Keog, Dribbler Loach, Roundabout Hafe, and Gall Wilth.

Bohden Keog is the middle son of the Keog Family, which makes its coin hiring out guards and carters to Caravans traveling through Snapgallows from the surrounding area. The Keog Cohort, as the guard portion of this endeavor is known, also serves as the local guard in Snapgallows, though they tend to only protect the Seven Families and their high walled compound which lies within Snapgallows proper, from the Seveners. Most legitimate Caravans organized by the Guild won't use Keog men, as they are better known for thieving from the goods in their care than for any real skill with a blade or cart.
Bohden himself is a work of his rather round Mother's love, ugly as the Fen is dangerous. In her misguided attempts to circumvent Alfert Kier's curse she has spent as much hard coin as charlatans and hedge wijjers of little talent have been willing to take for cures and potions. This has left Bohden Keog scarred, pimpled, blotched, splotched, hunched, and nearly bald. The most striking physical feature is his sparse hair, the strands of which have thickened incredibly to resemble long brown, oily worms.....which when cut become thicker and oilier.
Bohden's token is the upright sword, as he is nominally in command of the Keog Cohort, and is quite skilled in its use. Being the brunt of a lifetime of ridicule has made him petty, vengeful, conniving and highly intelligent, a bad combination when coupled with a knack for waving a blade about.

Dribbler Loach is the only son of the fading Loach Family, makers of incredible cheeses (for export only, as the locals know how they age and spice it). In his appearance, he blends well with the background, average height, average eyes, average face, average scent of morning after the bar piddle....the only thing that marks him as decidedly un-average is his propensity for dribbling, scads of saliva.
Dribbler's token is the sword lying upon the tiled floor, as that it where it can more often than naught be found once Dribbler unsheathes it. It should also be noted that Dribbler's blade is made entirely of wood, dull edged wood, as Dribbler has, in a series of unfortunate accidents with a steel blade, a cleaver, an axe, and a cheese grinder, managed to lower his count of fingers by four and a half, that is if Dribbler could count.
Dribbler is of no real threat in a battle, and is more likely to do more harm to his comrades than his adversary, yet he is a dedicated minion of Bohden Keog. Bohden keeps Dribbler around simply because, in his own words, "Dribble is perfectly honored to accept credit, where blame is due."

Roundabout Hafe is the offshoot of the Hafe Family, and the real power behind the family business, literally. The Hafe's are "Grinders", meaning they grind the local Limestone to recover the iron inclusions it bears. Snapgallows iron is exceedingly valuable, due to its purity. Hence the grinding wheel for his token.
Hafe became known as Roundabout, and his real name forgotten, due to the fact his Father, Fecle, possesses a satch which coins seldom leave.
When the gearing for one of the wind driven grinding houses failed, Old Fecle ordered an oxen chained up to pull it "roundabout", when the oxen died of exhaustion, a horse was used; when the horse suffered a fit and collapsed, a mule was used; when the mule escaped for parts unknown, but surely less stressful, Old Fecle cast his eye about looking for a suitable beast to replace it with, and that eye settled on his son, suitably large to try turning the wheel, and suitably annoying to die if he failed. "Chain him up and call him roundabout" he said, as his son was a might dim. Fecle's foreman did as he was told and the boy set to work, pulling as hard as he could....
Years later "Roundabout" is the result, a hulking man of vast strength, who is surprisingly agile and quick. Though he is more than a little dim, and tends to walk in circles, Roundabout is very dangerous in a weaponless fight, and fearless against a skilled opponent with a weapon, I did say he was a might dim.

Gall Wilth's Family is renowned, in West Fentor, for their "curiously sweet" quarrier goat meat, of which they export a good bit, ensuring the satches are always clinking, if not full. So his token is a Quarrier Goat.
The secret claim to fame of the Wilth Family, known only within the Seven Families, is their recipe of a powerful sedative distilled from the Gallbladder of the Quarrier Goat. A sedative which has been used for decades to delay the end of the Seven Families. Not that it has any curative effect, its use is much more mundane than that. It is simply used to lull unwilling prisoners into joining the folds of the Seven Families either in marriage or as chattels.
This is because no one, and I mean no one, will willing join (hop the threshold, or to marry) with a member of the Seven Families, as the Curse of Alfert Kier is known far and wide, few folk want their descendants to stink of piddle and spend all of eternity as a corpse, baaing and grazing in the fields at night.....baaaa.
So Gall's token is a Quarrier goat and is tinted reddish, denoting the fact that the Wilth Family regularly, and with few qualms, spills the blood of innocents in their zeal to continue the Family Lines.
Gall himself is an adept poisoner, be it with a tip of a blade, or a drop in a mug of tatershine.
Blond haired and hazel eyed, he is one of the few Seven Family sons who is not physically scarred or deformed, and his reek of piddle is mild, so he is the favored "matchmaker" of the Seven Families.

Well that is a bit of the story behind the antagonists, as the FHCO know them.
Oh yeah, and that other object on each of the Son's tokens, it is a chamber pot, a fancy one at that, Piddle, you know, and the fancy tile reflects their self assumed status at the top of Snapgallows society.

07-07-2008, 01:17 PM
here is the refined floor plan for Hebbie's Ale House's ground floor.
With this the FHCO's can use sketchup and its ruby scripts to make walls and stairs right on top of the floor plan, simply draw a line ontop of the image and a few clicks, bam, a wall. Stairs are about as easy as well.

You may notice there are no windows on the ground floor, as in The Snapgallows Tells, Hebbies was one of the first structures built, way back when Snapgallows was Haughley, and quite a nicer place to inhabit, despite the roving Scalies. Because of the Scalies, and other Fennish nasties, it was built to be easily defended, no windows on the ground level,an intricate stone grating at ceiling level is the only thing that lets meager light and fresh air in, and finally, a few narrow windows on the second floor. The bar is lit with aromatic oil lamps when needed. All the floors and walls on the first floor are limestone, as is the ceiling, which is why there are large beams and posts,to carry the weight,,and due to the scarcity of wood in West Fentor, the second floor walls are made from a wood similar to bamboo, light and tough.
Truly a safe place when refuge is required, but an exceedingly tough place to fight your way out of, if needed.

During the summer food is prepared in the Summer Kitchen, which sits in the tower at the ground floor level, the food is then served in the Ale Garden and Eatery, which is outside and partially covered. In the bitter winter months food is prepared in the Winter Kitchen, directly below the summer kitchen in the tower, and delivered through the trapdoor beneath the east stairs in the Ale House common room, its then consumed any old place.

The Salon rooms are simple but clean and well appointed for Snapgallows, each has a pulley which will ring its own "noted" bell behind the topboard, summoning a server.
The private meeting/leaf rooms are meagerly furnished, most who use them are not there for comfort. The thick walls and stout doors being what the custom who frequents them are after.
to be cotinued

I think I have found a way to import tiles from packs offered at a members site, the name escapes me at the moment, into Sketchup and convert them to skm files....once I see if it works, and refind the excellant site I will post (and ask permission to do it).

### Latest WIP ###

07-08-2008, 05:46 PM
here is an update, one of the bonuses of modelling in 3d/sketchup is that the FHCO's identified the glaring errors in my floor plan,,,,only folk under four feet could actually use the stairs with thoomping the rafters. So some things got moved around near the stairs, a compass rose got added as a structure out front,,,,I think it doubles as a sweetwater fountain as well. I think the entrance area got enlarged also, as we didn't have a hall way.
The scale is in work,,,also we figured out how to figure out feet to pixel scale, and will render the final at a good res.
SeerBlue and the FHCO's

### Latest WIP ###

07-08-2008, 06:02 PM
Just pulled this out of my email from the FHCO, it is the beginning of the second floor, the red border is the eaves of the 1st floor roof, I think, and the roof for the tower (Raith loves the roof tool) and the compass rose/fountain is out front....Now they want it to serve as a sun clock thingy,,,name escapes me, which actually won't be that difficult as I know exactly where Snapgallows lies in its world geographically and I can put that info in to sketchup and get correct shadows,,,,though we may have to change the shape of the compass rose they made.
While they are doing this I will finish up Lope's StaffBlade, Raith's Staffblade, and Ol' Horsehair's DogWhomp, which I guess is a long mace like thing that a horseman uses to whomp dogs.
SeerBlue and the FHCO's

### Latest WIP ###

07-08-2008, 07:09 PM
Hey Seer, Wow lots to catch up on. Gotta shoot right now tho :( but... do you and your powerhouse of carpet orcs have a good (species) name for a big tree - big tall and straight trunk, rare, but found all over Ansium. Most have been chopped down but that there are a few to be found in Thrub region. You have been coming up with some great names of stuff. My next map will be based on that tree - or rather 4 of them. I could try to name it but it wont be half as good as what you come up with ;)

07-08-2008, 07:40 PM
I'll get with them tomorrow on that, Raith will probably come up with something good as he has been learning to draw iso trees, on his own, even....I strongly suspect he reads the tutorials when I am not around.
It will probably be something similar in name to Baobab/baobob???, as that is what he is most interested in at the moment, he gives them all names, my favorite is Waddlebob, named as such as it moves around to get water and it was the same day we conjured up Odduck the Grand and his pet ducks ((lots of things got duck related names that day, from pipe leaf (Rusty Mallard) to some of Hebbie's flavored Tatershine ( Red Pochard), thank Heret's Shadow for Wikipedia)),
You don't see Baowhatsits around here so they have the "very cool" factor. He has given me several drawings to keep of them, and I shall.
I sent you an email concerning tg and the xml files, still have to finish it, when the kids are around Snapgallows' rules the world, you know....
ohh I have been meaning to ask, does Thrubmorton have any type of military/militia force,,,,,Ol' Horsehair needs one to have formerly been a member of, and I was a tol' by Ol' Horsehair himself, "you can't just MAKE up a unit, its gotta be there, or oid be lyin!"


07-09-2008, 12:41 AM
Had some time to kill at the pool today, and they have internet there, so I did a little research on Sundials, as the FHCO mentioned a sunclock cause Cagil the Artificer hasn't got his shipment of spring steel in yet and so he hasn't built Ol' Horsehair his clock tube,,,,
Anywho and whatnot, after looking about I found the basics to make a sundial, used my Lat and Long for Snapgallows and trusty sketchup, and 30 minutes later Hebbies has a working sundial in the garden, which will also replace the compass rose as that will incorporated into it. It actualiy works, according to Sketchups shadow tools, for the time of day, from about 8 am to 4 pm.
Noon is called HighSun in Snappie, and in the pic on the sundial, with the morning hours being to the right and the evening to the left, as you look at it.
On each hour the shadow from the gnomon (center rod) is in the center of the small pillar for the right hour on the plane....I haven't labelled the pillars yet as I can't think of good hour names, so I must storm with the FHCO.
For their use I will render some tokens of the sundial for each hour to help them track gametime......then its back to knocking on Cagil's door to get the clock tube done so they know when it is time to go to bed.

SeerBlue and the FHCO's

07-09-2008, 07:02 AM
I have some pics of Pochard here. I am into ducks too - well all birds actually. There is a red crested Pochard which looks good but not native to UK so you only get them at zoo's and collections.

Baobabs are cool trees but they are short and bushy. These are real tall, straight and like ship masts !. You read "The little prince ?" - Love that book. I think it lost a bit in translation tho.

Military force. Well weve all been concentrating on the merchant side of things really. Meleeguy was going to do Fenridge Castle where there would be a large garrison. Anywhere along the ridge from Roebuck to Morton would have pretty large amounts of guards and mercenaries tho. All of the towns should have some sort of protection so I would think almost anywhere would be able to provide a background.

07-09-2008, 10:14 AM
Nice Duck, we get a large amount of different ducks, geese, swans migrating through here, vast honking quacking flying V's that cross over right above where I live, so we always go out on the porch to watch when we hear them. Sometimes they are low enough to here the swish-buzz of their wings.
Roebuck works great, as we will call them Roebuck Rangers, Ol' Horsehairs real dad, not Snapgallows dad, was a ranger, as was my greatgreat how ever many times grandfather during the revolutionary war, I have done a fair bit of research into the old ranging companies which will help and I have digital copies of his muster documents and pay scripts,,,which will make excellent keepsakes for Ol' Horsehair with a little PS to add his name. So he will be Royt Hayer of Bedell's Ranging Company. Solves the "has to be real" conundrum.
Ahh, you blokes and your passion for trees like ships masts,,,you still don't use them in your Navy do you? YOUR ancestors pretty much harvested all of them from MY ancestors property ages ago for the crown.....I'll let Raith know your description and we will through out some names,,,tends to work.
SeerBlue, the FHCO's are still sleeping.

07-09-2008, 11:32 PM
weellll, i knew I was PS deficient, but the FHCO's seem to take great glee in proving it, I sent them the skp for the sundial tokens and a psd for photoshop (they live across town and I don't drive unless I have to, for humanities sake,,,and they sent me back this,,,much better than mine, so I am going to leave the artsy stuff to them,,,I figured out, by looking at their psd, they only used 2, just 2, layers, compared to my overloaded file......Orcs!!!
SeerBlue and the FHCO's

07-10-2008, 11:36 AM
okay Redrobes you asked for some names, so the FHCO's have perused , the Little Mermaid, Merry had a Little Lamb, the Farmer in the Dell, The Good Heart, and various household labels and come up with;
Dellahm, Delling, Delling Pinhus ( really Pinus just so you know its a tree that grows in Dells, and masts where once made from New England White Pine (http://www.nhptv.org/wild/karnerwhitepineriot.asp), see we use everything to learn).

Withal, Hanifer, Arithal, Aileath, Arileath (last 3 from Little Mermaid)

Sangham, Mahbril (derived from words for Brotherhood, from the Good Heart)

Meridrue, Merisung,,,,Merry had a little Lamb

and lastly a friend of theirs who is of the Lakota Oyate, was listening to our silliness at the pool, ran home and brought back a list of Lakota words

Tree = Can
tough/hard = suta
real = hce
time = tohatu
tall= haske
Mother= Ina
Grandmother= Uci or Kusi
Large= Tanka

for such names as Inacan, Ina Haske,Inahce,,and so on.
I think she really caught on, from our explanation, that the trees were important trees, even though I pretty much just repeated your info about them...feel free to mix and match.

Thanks for asking us to help out, we learned some history, and a very small part of an ancient language.


07-10-2008, 02:19 PM
Wow - excellent - utterly Fick !

Hmm what to go for ? Well, Delling is a name of people. The map will be "The four ????" so Pinus has some slight pronunciation problem.

Hanifers sounds like it could be a kind of conifer...

The Lakota words sounds like an excellent resource with a little legitimacy to it. So it would need a 'Can' in it.

So how about a mighty "Haskwood Canifer" - a species of tall evergreen, and try and please several at once. Sorry if your bit of word wasn't in that.

So I need to start a new thread "The four Haskwood Canifers" and pitch into this months challenge and create a new Thrubland Inn somewhere to boot. Its a kind of upmarket inn. Its not really suitable for Fentor but would probably be found in the capitol of Thrub itself unless you think that you can accommodate an upmarket building in Snap.

Edit -- The story is good. I can understand your connection to it and the feelings about collonialism. I tell you its about to happen again over here unless they start making a softer line over the current tax situation...

07-10-2008, 04:42 PM
Excellent name. I didn't realize their was an ancestor on the link above until after I posted it, actually two, old Mudgett is related also. All Blodgetts in the US are descended from 1 immigrant, it is believed, with a half dozen variations on the spelling. Some of them where quite "anti-everything", and even tried to secede from the US and Canada at the same time,,,,Named themselves the Indian Stream Republic.
And I think I just found the name for Snapgallows nite soil expert,,,,,Mudgett.


07-11-2008, 12:13 AM
Just figured out what the pronunciation problem was
"The map will be "The four ????" so Pinus has some slight pronunciation problem."

I got a bit of a earpull from Bumblemouse when Lena mispronounced "Ficked" but it was to late to change the word as "Fick" is an important character in the tells...I can imagine what would happen if she tried saying "the four......

Tomorrow some more wips of the Ale house will go up, I have them now, but it is like 90 degrees here and late, so I am going to walk around in the lawn sprinklers, which just kicked on outside, if the FHCO's can do it and have a Fick time, so can I.

07-11-2008, 10:04 PM
Now I see why kids love lawn sprinklers, no better way to cool of.
Anywho, I meant to post the wips earlier, but as late in the middle of the night an idea for a bit of Lemur's Tell popped into my head and woke me up, I sat up til dawn typing....Thanks to Redrobes and his "Four Haskwood Canifers", a bit of her tell which was just "someplace else" now has a home, and alot more detail,,,,but thats another thread.
The second floor is pretty much done, my job is putting in the windows, since the ruby script for that can be kinda tichy, as the wip shows.
The missing wall section will be replaced, the script fuddled the faces enough that it would not render right so I chunked it out,,,
So this wip is a bit of a teaser, you can't see inside the rooms as the "Guild of Rather Short , but Industrious, Artifact and Article Relocation Specialists" is still busy moving furniture about.
After seeing Redrobes railings we hunted down a script to build our own, and painted it green, we couldn't find racing green, to say "ours is greenier than yours".
They have sorted out what is hopefully the final texturing/color scheme for the final image when it is done, but my comp can't handle the whole model fully textured, it becomes very slow and very hot in this weather , so I will be posting shaded wips until I can render on theirs.
So here is a teaser, done in conte and crayon, rendered in sketchup.
SeerBlue and the FHCO's

### Latest WIP ###

07-11-2008, 11:41 PM
As work on the cellar will begin soon I thought I would get ahead of the game. or atleast the FHCO's and make some tokens of what may be found in Hebbies cellar, or Dim Cellar as it is called in Snap.
Of course something simple never is, as Hebbie is pretty particular about the Tatershine he serves, he distills and flavors it himself. The Ales he passes across the topboard are also his own, brewed in the chill of the cellar, so this is where simple left, as quick as Kier.
We decided shine'n up Pochard and other distinct flavors of tatershine is a rather volatile process, and produces a great deal of heat ( which Cagil the Artificer has managed to use to heat Hebbies floors during the colder months,,,radiant heating in West Fentor, who'd a thought, but anyway), so shinen and brewing is done in one area, and storage in another, and traffic to the Winter Kitchen skirts the last,,,,so that is the basic plan, but as Hebbies is an intergal part of the whole Snapgallows map (which is waddling along as well), access to the Dimways (tunnels) beneath Snapgallows is needed to, hidden access,,, so that is what this token is. A rack of barrels of Ale and Shine, leading to the dimways. 2 versions, vanilla sketchup and FHCO
SeerBlue and the FHCO's

07-13-2008, 12:19 AM
Well the cellar is coming along nicely, though I discovered that with the placement of the entrance in the common room, under the stairs, the entrance is not visible, so we will fudge it over a bit, should be easy, its a component.
While that is in work I fiddled with some more tokens for the FHCO's to use, a few tables, plates, silver ware, hebbies brewing table, stone benches, chest and the sweetwater well for the Winter Kitchen, which is on the same level as the cellar. Hebbie uses sweetwater to flavor some shine,,,It is also a hidden entrance to the dimways, in addition to the narrow slip hole hidden in the one barrel that extends past the backside of the barrel rack poster above, which is Lemur's entrance....
So to go along with the sweetwater well and the spiral stairs hidden behind it I made lids, one for the well and one for the entrance.
None of these are to scale, its just my reference sheet so I now what I need to do for the FHCO's, the real renders are huge so I can scale down to match our final maps scale. Two of the items, the spiral stairs and the bed stead, are modified google warehouse finds, modified according to the limits listed.

07-13-2008, 08:09 PM
Here is the Winter Kitchen, which is on the same level and connected to the cellar, its at 100 pixels per foot, approximately, and in what I hope is the last change to the "look" of Hebbie's as far as color scheme/style goes.
I would be posting the whole cellar but I forgot to unhide the stairs and some other things before rendering, so I will have to do those again.
So, barring any more changes, I should be able to match the textures/style for the other floors and render those as well,,,,,dang, once I add the patio thingy.
Hebbie's goodwife cooks on the latest quad burner tile kiva, fueled with dried quarrier goat dung, for flavor, and alcohol soaked chalk briquettes for that searing heat.
Exhaust is safely vented through a finely crafted chimney which extends through the Summer Kitchen at the next level, and finally Hebbies BluestoneLibrary at the top of the small tower.
As Hebbie truly loves his goodwife, and Lemur the color blue, her kitchen is floored in Bluestone limestone, Yelped with the Silent Voice for infinite longevity and shine.....
### Latest WIP ###

07-14-2008, 06:54 PM
Here is the latest wip, its the first floor, this is half the resolution, or near about, that it was rendered at.
No tokens on it yet, and I haven't added the cellar stairs/covers that are outside, once again I misremembered and rendered with them hid.
As it happens I have each saved as components so I can render just those items in Sketchup and PS them in or tokenize them.
I've also been informed I put the Winter Kitchen on the ground floor when it is supposed to be in the cellar.
As it happens I have it saved as a component so the above applies here as well

A little bit of everybody here. Lemur was the burn tool in different areas, and if you look real close, maybe only on the 6k by 6k image, you can see that one of the PS flower brushes was used to burn in some areas.

The black objects, which look like rafters, aren't, they are Hebbie's radiant heat system, powered by tatershine and Cagil the Artificer, they standout because they be iron that has been Yelped with the Silent Voice, meaning they are impervious to just about everything, including the filters run on the rest of the image by others.....artistic differences and storyline continuity working together.

Lamps of some sort, not as grand as Redrobe's, are in the making, and they will be tatershine powered as well.

Well it is off to the cellar for me, gotta catch up with the FHCO's,,,I never made a furnace/heat source, or, I mean, Cagil never did.

SeerBlue and the FHCO

### Latest WIP ###

07-14-2008, 08:23 PM
The "Guild of Rather Short , but Industrious, Artifact and Article Relocation Specialists" is making headway, and it looks like Hebbie's will be ready for the Harvest Burning Fest after all.

"all the tables are the same, make some more!" OK.
"we've got stone chairs outside we need stone tables, in case of a fight!" ok

"where's my Loahm, you didn't get 'em"? uh oh, ok

Just a down size wip for posting, as things go in, and things go 'bout, and we find, what, were missed out.

SeerBlue and The "Guild of Rather Short , but Industrious, Artifact and Article Relocation Specialists"

### Latest WIP ###

07-15-2008, 12:02 PM
it was decided that the furniture were more than abit shiny, too shiny, for Hebbie's, so the "League of Nickers and Scratchers, West Arcanspike Division, Level Zed Qualified" were hired in to have at the goods, with a "crosscats" (crosshatch) "fitler", which I like so much I just have to find a use for.

We also discovered something that I am sure everyone who uses a vtt is aware of, things like our radiant heat rafters in the image, or any thing that would be above the tokens in use, has to be its own layer,,playing about with the tokens in a psd layer it were aptly spotted that we had to add the rafters, and the tops of the wall, so the chairs wouldn't appear to be the same height.

Hmmmm, how is this handled in a real vtt, a separate sheet for objects that interfere with line of sight when viewed top down?

SeerBlue and the "League of Nickers and Scratchers, West Arcanspike Division, Level Zed Qualified", in sotto voce, "fleas hired at an additional rate, term of residence varies."

07-15-2008, 12:15 PM
I love how this is coming on. My own efforts are still on paper at the moment.

The overhead stuff is usually removed for VTT use to avoid the appearance of floating tokens. Obviously walls and other objects that start at ground height and go up are exceptions to this rule. Another option is to fade out the overhead objects so that they are semi-transparent. Then people can at least see that there are objects overhead.

No problem having this stuff in for the competition of course as the maps are supposed to be fully baked in for the competition. However it would be great if all the overhead stuff can be easily removed after we're all done with our entries so that it can be easily imported into VTTs for game play.

07-15-2008, 01:21 PM
Thanks torstan, easily done, everything is component in Sketchup, so we just hide it.

You surely must finish your map, the FHCO's would love to play it, we've put maptool on their computer, and modelling it would be a treat. They have a new ruby script for sketchup to play with SubdivideandSmooth (http://www.smustard.com/script/SubdivideAndSmooth), which is a treat to make more organic shapes/models with.
They were quite shocked to learn they can download and play other folks creations.

SeerBlue and the FHCO's

07-15-2008, 06:22 PM
You surely must finish your map, the FHCO's would love to play it, we've put maptool on their computer, and modelling it would be a treat.
You got MapTool to work on their PC? Excellent!

07-15-2008, 06:50 PM
Well, their PC is newer, faster, quiter, and a whole slew of other 'ers, than my laptop.
But since they can't tote it over here, they would try given the chance, I originally put the older version on the laptop here so they could get a feel for the program, and then the newer version went on theirs.
So they are set. even grabbed the associated apps/tools for 'em, just have to sit down and play.

07-15-2008, 07:01 PM
RP - you should set up a guild members maptool sesh ! Possibly with the challenge winners map.

07-16-2008, 12:41 AM
RP - you should set up a guild members maptool sesh ! Possibly with the challenge winners map.

That there is a darn fine idea. I'm interested to see how that works in real life...

07-16-2008, 10:20 PM
Well today was chores day for the FHCO' s so the computers had a rest, and tomorrow may be a visit to Wind Cave (http://www.nps.gov/archive/wica/Home.htm), a large systems of caves here in SD.
So, I gots me a camera, for if they allow photos, and we be going deep underground to see the finest boxwork there be.
SeerBlue and the Spelunking Madders

07-20-2008, 09:14 PM
Oim catching up to the FHCO's, slowly but surely, one of the bonuses of having so many liddle orcs jobbing away is I get to look through oodles of files to see which is the right one, naming convention, who heard of it, "hsjdhfnhsh" may just be the right one,
Anywho, this is the cellar, as the FHCO's orcs see it, and a few things for surprises I threw in for them, tucked away under tokens or hidden in plain sight.
Being that Hebbie is Snap's resident historian, among other things, he has a few artifacts tucked away in the cellar that the FHCO's can make use of as they progress. Much more fun for them to find such a thing as a Morningstar, than just have me toss them one.
Even though the file name says done, there is a bit more to do to get a good match to the upper floors, another benefit of a lot of hands, renders at different sizes.....
SeerBlue and the FHCO's
### Latest WIP ###

07-26-2008, 01:09 PM
2 more renders to go up and I can't get a good connection at this end, I think that since my local ISP was bought by a national provider they have replaced all those smoke filled tubes that used to zip right along with a handful of one handed, half blind, carters and elderly wiverns who won't fly when the weather is the least bit dodgy,,,strap the bits and bytes to their back and shoo them off the roost.
On average I wait 2 minutes for a page refresh, cause of the storms I guess, as it is the only common thing to when the connection is slow, so I will head over to the business center and clip some of their free hi speed connection.

07-27-2008, 05:14 PM
Okay, here be Hebbie's Ale House, from cellar to second floor.
Resolution is about 40 pixels per foot for these images, and it is set up for the FHCO's pretty much, though we are still looking for Horsehairs and Raith's tokens, misplaced some where in several gig's of files they have generated between the 2 computers.
### Latest WIP ###

07-27-2008, 05:19 PM
1st floor and 2nd floor, their pdf with character info and key for the map is nearly done and we will post that as well soon
SeerBlue and the FHCO's
### Latest WIP ###