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08-16-2013, 06:28 PM
A work in progress. I really don't know what to call it yet... it's quite unfinished and very changeable. The canvas is... less than fine, but I'm enjoying every second of painting time (or maybe that's why I'm enjoying it so much, that and no preset guidelines... made up on the spot as it were). I haven't picked up a paintbrush in months, so this is good. The plan is to paint a bit each day until it's done. I'm going to follow the plan.

56929 Sorry... phone camera... but I started with a rough wash sketch in warm red (van dyke red), if anyone cares.

56930 The top four inches as of today. It's the most finished bit, thus. So, not very. :) Okay then.

08-16-2013, 08:08 PM
You always bring something interesting and cool to the table.

08-16-2013, 10:14 PM
Yea this is really interesting! I wish I could see it larger of course.

08-17-2013, 01:24 AM
Mmmm rough-hewn acrylic aerial panoramic pictorial thingy. :homer:

08-17-2013, 01:49 AM
Very impressive. The color layering have realy interesting effects. You inspire me to take out paint and do sone textures for my maps. Also its great to see so many experiments lately.

08-17-2013, 02:49 AM
SK, :) I shall look forward to seeing what comes of your painting inspiration.

Viking, it's full scale... truly, even I don't get to zoom in. :) And the wash sketch was a vague thing... nothing much to see.

Naeddyr... :homer: ? :?:

08-17-2013, 05:11 AM
A very cool idea. Too bad the first picture is so tiny. Looking forward to this.

08-17-2013, 08:09 AM
Gorgeous style. This looks like it will become something really special. Labeling it in a consistent way could be hard, but maybe you are not planning any labels? If the rest of the map will be so impressionistically beautiful as the mountains, it might even work better without labels.

08-17-2013, 04:47 PM
... Labeling it in a consistent way could be hard, but maybe you are not planning any labels? ...

I'm just having fun painting a landscape with acrylics again. Not sure about labels, but at some point I'm definitely going to work on labeling painted maps, with paint... may or may not happen with this one. I'm more than half tempted to hang it on my bedroom wall when it's finished and that is not something I've done with my own work before... but this one I'm having so much fun painting and have no goals of perfection other than enjoyment of the process, I think I'd like to keep it around as is and not get frustrated with labeling attempts. My hand isn't all that steady for an artist, but I suppose lots of practice would help.... certainly getting that with my latest commissions since the labels are all hand done with a calligraphy pen. Still have a lot of mussed letters to edit out post scanning. We'll see. I'm glad you like the style :)

08-17-2013, 08:58 PM
How large is the canvas?

08-17-2013, 09:46 PM
How large is the canvas?

18 x 24 inches.

08-18-2013, 02:38 AM
Just another little snippet... phone camera again, but I did stumble upon an option to set the confounded thing to take a higher res pic. So you get to see the poor image quality slightly bigger this time, Viking :P


08-18-2013, 04:03 PM
That's really beautiful. You ought to sell prints of that when it's done; I'd probably buy one.

08-18-2013, 06:25 PM
A frame from phone video. Anyone know why a video camera would capture colors better than a still camera?


08-18-2013, 08:15 PM
Not a clue but thank you for the close ups!! :D It's funny the one map I am making is going to be printed on 18 x 24 paper too :) I can't wait to see more images as it looks really nice so far!

08-18-2013, 11:07 PM
They're not close ups, technically, but you're welcome anyway. :D Skenth, you mean? Love that map.

08-19-2013, 03:06 PM
That latest picture is seriously the most beautiful map segment I've ever seen. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I'm risking to not be able to rep you when it's done if I do it now, but I can't resist!

08-19-2013, 04:06 PM
Oh gosh. Well that-- ummm... hmm.

08-19-2013, 05:04 PM
I agree with Diamond, you always bring something cool and interesting to the table Chashio.


08-20-2013, 08:00 PM
Aww thanks Chashio :) That is the one I meant yes!

08-21-2013, 06:32 PM
A more complete view of what it looks like at the moment. Still much to do :)


08-22-2013, 09:48 AM
This looks more like a painting (and i mean that in a good way ;) ). Beautiful!
Is this the "bloody sea" in the south? ;) Looks like fresh blood seeping into the water.

08-22-2013, 01:51 PM
Not quite that morbid. I haven't worked the water yet, just enough to define the coastlines. I imagine it'll turn out closer to the shadow color on the distant mountains, but who knows. Still messing around with ideas for possible styling techniques on the water.

I do have a small background in landscape painting. And since I likely won't be adding labels to it, it is more of a painting.

08-25-2013, 05:10 PM
Here's another crappy phone picture :) and a bit larger than actual size, but it should serve my purpose; I'd like an opinion on the valley in the center of the picture. I'm not sure I like the terrain in the mid'section of this one yet... I DO like the upper sections of it next to and below the mountains to mid'picture, but everything below that... where it gets bumpy. Is it too weird or unnatural or different compared with everything else or ? It's how I happened to interpret the canvas today, and I'm half thinking of changing it tomorrow, but I'd like an opinion this evening if anyone cares to offer one. I'm really just winging it; I've never actually experienced firsthand such a mountainous area before and I'd like it to be at least halfway close to naturally feasible. Well... maybe a quarter feasible. :D


08-26-2013, 04:18 PM
Update. Decided to rework it a bit and bring the wide valley to the right a little closer to what's happening in the central valley to make it all a little more cohesive terrain-wise... Still not there yet but I think perhaps more so. And you can ignore that really squiggly bit (yep, that bit right there), because it's not going to stay like that. :P


08-26-2013, 07:35 PM
A frame from phone video. Anyone know why a video camera would capture colors better than a still camera?


There's a couple of possible explanations. Video is taken at lower resolution that stills. Sometimes this is done by cropping into the chip, but other times it's done by effectively combining multiple photo cells to form one "pixel". This effectively means you're capturing the image with larger photo cells. Larger photo cells have a greater dynamic range, and therefore better tone and colour reproduction (the still images look really contrasty and saturated).

Another likely possibility is the compression and post-processing. A lot of phone or compact cameras do automatic post-processing to try and compensate for the poor quality image they produce. While this is all well and good, it produces a less accurate representation of the subject, which can be particularly noticeable if photographing something in very muted colours or similar. These same cameras lack the processing power to apply this post-processing to video, so the video comes out looking more natural.

08-26-2013, 08:10 PM
Interesting to know!

08-26-2013, 11:05 PM
That is cool! Thank you very much for explaining :D

08-28-2013, 12:50 PM
Still amazing :D I think the valleys look completely feasible; retracting ice sheets can create some interesting formations, like those.

08-28-2013, 01:39 PM
Well, I skipped painting yesterday to tweak a commission to a final assessment stage. Getting back to the acrylic this morning I decided to work on that squiggly bit some more and see if I could arrange it more to my liking... while painting in a different location because I've been commandeering a nice comfy spot near a skylight in the guest bedroom and it's going to be occupied this evening... the chimney cleaner was due to be arriving for an appointment and as it happened he needed to interrupt me momentarily to help catch a little soot covered tree frog that jumped out to explore the furthest corners of the living room when he opened the hatch... He did catch it and we rinsed it off a bit in the kitchen sink where it almost escaped again... ah, fun times. haha! And I also decided to shift my technique to a more opaque, covering type and see how it goes. A lot of this so far has been transparent wash and glazing to try to keep as much of the luminosity from the canvas as possible... meh. And both the painting and photo of it came out more crappy than usual because the space I was painting in is too dark to be painting in.

And it completely serves me right for choosing to work there. :P


08-29-2013, 03:56 AM
I don't really know what you did, but it's even better now!

08-29-2013, 07:34 PM
Well thank you, Lingon.