View Full Version : Wood Elf City Themes

08-16-2013, 07:49 PM
I am prepping a regional map for a wood elf civilization. I'm really hoping to have all my cities to have a unique and memorable nature theme.

Currently I am the following ideas for cities:
•The Briar Wall: a two hundred foot magical wall of throned briar encircling a corrupted region of forest. Building within the wall is a military encampment.
•The Burnt Ruins: A former settlement that was destroyed by huge fire during a past war.
•The Triple Falls: A city built around a large group of waterfalls that are the headwaters for the river that runs through the region.
•The Grandfather Tree: A giant thousand foot tree that is the religious centre of the society, and also has a city throughout it's branche and trunk.
•The Sapling City: When a large portion of the forest is clear cut by neighboring kingdom a new settlement is established in the midst of the stump forest to re-establish the trees.
•The Green Wall: a large cliff face overlooks the forest. A settlement is built directly on the cliff face using magical ivy vines.
•Beaver Ridge: When a natural disaster drains a massive marsh, the Druids build a massive beaver dam to create a new marsh. The settlement is build on the top of the dam.
•The Old City: The original elf settlement filled with towering citadels that are now overgrown with trees.

I'm curious to see what everyone here thinks of these ideas, can you think of any different types of settlements, do any of them spark creative details, or any potential stories that arise from it.