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08-21-2013, 12:18 PM
Hi all, long time lurker, this is my first ever GIMP map. IT is a current WIP for the world setting of my Fantasy Novel.


It is a large scale world map with very little detail, I expect Iwill do a few more maps detailing areas of importance in much greater depth.

I started off with a hand drawn map which I then scanned on to my computer and went from there. As you can see its still far from finished. I'm definitely going to replace all the text with another style but I havn't decided what yet. I'm also uncertain about the way settlements are shown and may well do something different for the trade routes too.

Anyway I just thought I'd stick this on here and see if anybody had any comments, criticisms or suggestions they would like to provide.

08-21-2013, 04:18 PM
Welcome to the guild! Have some Rep. for posting a map with your very first post.

I really like the shape of the lands, very nice!
The mountain-placement seems a bit artificial/unnatural to me.
Care to tell us a bit about your world and your novel?

08-21-2013, 06:24 PM
Welcome to the guild from me too :) I second what Eilathen says about the mountains. I would say that you may want to play with your labelling a little. It seems like some words are regions and some are cities and some cities are unnamed. This may just be because this is a work in progress of course. I would try to differentiate them a bit though don't go crazy and and make things illegible.

08-22-2013, 10:20 AM

The REgion in Red is named Haesa and is the main setting for the story. Ethnically it is split between three groups. The Raeic/Meisi People of the Meisi Peninsula, a war torn region with no central government and overrun with mercenaries. The Aerdeni People of The Tenei Empire, Rhinias and THe Islands in the Sarian Gulf, olive skinned and dark eyed. The Kaeylti Peoples of Hireath and Thangael, akin to ancient Celts and Norse peoples of Northern Europe physically. And the Carani People of Anios, Jertha, Itos and Teracya, societes dominated by those of the Noble Families and with an extensive merchant class.

Politically Haesa is dominated by The Tenei Empire with Anios and Hireath being the only nations really able to match them. Howeve it is the Urayyid Calinate, aslo known as Eurur, (Ringed in black) which are The Tenei's true rivals.

The Area to the East ringed in yelow colour is Sassannia, a semi-arid region surrounding two small inland seas. This region is divided into small city states and nimadic clans (Simillar to pre-Islamic Arabia.) Trade is the lifeblood of this region with all West-East and East-West Trae going throug The Taara and Aiin Seas.

The East has been less extensively detailed. The Northern Areas arpund the Nathael Sea and The TArn BAsin are depopulated, with only scattered Kaeylti Clans at constant war with the Inhuman Draki.

Thats the setting in very braod strokes. Ill try to update the map ASAP but right now I'm off to work...

Thabks everyone for the comments so far :)