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The Delicious One
08-22-2013, 01:22 PM
Project Scope:
Gaming club is currently developing a post alien invasion science fiction campaign setting based upon the FATE rules set. These maps will eventually distributed in print and digital formats. Campaign documents will be made available for map makers interested in the project. Our club is in the process of finalizing the setting and beginning play testing.

An earth like planet with the following characteristics. Please note, you will be provided with a rough (MS Paint) pre and post invasion world map drawing to work from.

3 small moons ranging in size and orbits
Moon 1a: 550 KM in Diameter, Orbit 83,000 KM 30 degree off equator orbit
Moon 1b: 1,300 KM in Diameter, Orbit 97,00 KM -50 degree off equator orbit
Moon 1c: 2,760 KM in Diameter, Orbit 147,000 KM 0 degree off equator orbit

Planet circumference: 32,000 KM
40% water, 60% land
13 degree tilt
1 Polar ice cap in North
9 Land masses
Equator is all water
North has vast deserts
South has impassable mountain ranges
All major rivers originate from mountains
Waters flow to equator
Water currents (major) flow in circle around each hemisphere to equator

Design Concept:
A pre and post invasion world map. I am envisioning traditional flat map of the Earth (as an example) depicting mountain ranges, rivers, seas, oceans, terrain, cities and major populated areas. Country or border lines are not necessary. The post invasion map would show the devastation, leveled mountains, altered river paths, islands destroy, continents split apart.
While we will provide the artist with a simple pre/post world map to use for design, this is a great platform for the artist to influence the look in feel when layering in great rain forests, cities etc. This influence also extends to the devastation caused by the invaders to the planet.

This is the style I am envisioning 1900s Style World Map (http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyh7z7mqor1qholp1o1_1280.jpg) though with out the border designations.

Number of maps:
One world map, showing the planet pre-invasion.
One world map, showing the planet post-invasion.

Size: 11x17
300 dpi minimum. Jpg, tiff, or png files
Full color

Remains with cartographer.
The gamin club retains right to reproduce the maps in the related campaign materials and for promotional purposes.

October/November 2013 time frame.

To be negotiate once the scope of the project is fully defined with the artist.

James Traino
Please use subject line Planet Fall Maps

The Delicious One
08-27-2013, 11:52 AM
This commission has been taken. Please update the post.

Thank you.

James Traino

08-27-2013, 12:28 PM
K. I changed the tag for ya.