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08-23-2013, 05:03 PM
First and foremost, I understand that not paying for an item will hinder my ability to find a willing artist, but I have no choice as I am unemployed at the moment with no way to pay. However, I offer a secondary option. I'm a graphic designer, I can do everything from avatars to website layouts. If any of that interests you as a payment, let me know. This is the only thing I'm able to pay with as of right now.

Now, on to my request.

I'm writing a fantasy novel similar to the game Skyrim. I'm unsure on how I'm going to do it as of yet and I plan on using the map to my advantage to come up with ideas and all that good stuff. I attempted to hand-draw my own map, but I'm a terrible artist outside of Photoshop and that's why I'm here. If the novel is published, your name will of course be included so there's no worries about that. I intend to give credit where credit is due.

As of right now, I'm still working on naming the general country as well as the cities, areas, etc. I will post a detailed list of all the areas and other named items in this thread after I get everything done. I would like to have someone ready and willing to work on this as soon as everything on my part is done. You'll have free reign on the map(aside from locations and areas of course), and what you come up with will determine the setting for the novel.

I will get started on the naming process and post all the information here. I thank anyone in advanced for taking the time to read through the thread and consider working on the map.

EDIT: Here's what I have so far. You're more than willing to throw ideas my way.

Continent – Sylventia

Main Cities:
• Stonecrest
• Fallmoor
• Black Isle
• Drachurst
• Arias

Secondary Cities:
• East Haven
• West Haven
• Fairview

Each city is part of its own hold, so borders would be expected around them.

Sayamir River – Runs alongside the peaks and branches off throughout Sylventia.
There are many unnamed smaller rivers throughout the country as well.

Mountain Ranges:
Mountains of Eskelon
Sayamir Peaks – Largest and longest of the two mountains.

Off-Coast Islands:
The following island is far off the coast of Sylventia. It’s a dangerous place for humans as it inhabits many aggressive creatures.


Crimson Lagoon
Lake of Sorrow

Miscellaneous Locations:
Jade Star Coast – West side of Sylventia.
High Rock Pass – Splits the peaks in half allowing for travel and trade.
Devil’s Peak – One large mountain where many a soul have perished.

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Since you can't receive private messages for now, you should probably post your email or some other way to contact you here.

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Thank you for pointing that out to me, totally slipped my mind. It's brandonmartin6191@yahoo.com