View Full Version : WIP: More Caves

08-25-2013, 01:00 PM

So I'm still playing around with cave maps and came up with an idea of combining a tomb complex with a cave system.

I'm fairly happy with the tomb rooms as there's not much to them but I'm not happy with the rest of it.

1) I need to find some way to transition between the tomb rooms and the caves. Rationally - whoever put the tomb at the front of the cave system would have simply carved out the areas and built them out with cut stone. After a point they would have just stopped the masonry build-out and left the cave as-is.

2) I added a water feature in the cave because it was an easy addition to give the cave complex some personality but I NEED MORE FEATURES. Can anyone recommend something to add to the cave system to jazz it up a little?

3) I'm not sure what to do with adding detail to the floor of the cave still. I'm wanting to add depth or contours to the floor because it's unworked and would be uneven.

Any help / suggestions would be appreciated for this map.