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08-25-2013, 02:54 PM
Well first off let me say hello to everyone here and say that I admire what you all do here. I have zero artistic talent and I am in dire need of an artist that takes pride in the work they do. I am working on releasing my own table top game in the future an I am in need of concept art and cartography work of a serious nature for my books an gaming manuals.
I will be taking artist(s) on an application basis for cartography and/or concept art.

Payment will be negotiated upon many factors - I have been dealing with artists and commissions for some time, so if you are looking for a meal ticket don't apply. If you can't handle criticism of your work don't apply. I am not a rude individual, but as I have needs I must be honest with what I want. English speaking candidates only please.
Please note that on top of working two jobs and being a family man I run beta tests for this game constantly so please do not expect a reply right away as I am usually quite busy.

Interested applicants should send a email to blankswhoisthat@yahoo.com with the following information.

Email Subject Title - Cartography and/or Concept Art.

In The Email -

Design Strengths
Ability To Work With Other Artists
Samples Of Your Work

Thank you all for your time,

Joshua Stewart

Replies or questions to the post are welcome :)