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08-29-2013, 11:07 AM
Hi guyzzzz !

I joined the forums just so I could show this to people and get some critique on my art work and how you think I am doing. I may soon
re-post these maps along with some history of the nations you can see here. (This is all hand done, I am very used to doing the artwork myself)

I have done a few drafts and this is what I have and I think the last step here is to make this on a digital map making software. If you can
recommend some software I could use to make such a detailed map as the one I have here.


Long story shot about each nation:

The Western empires:
The Western empires is a continent that consists of Featheron, WinterHaven, Oren and Lorn.

Winter haven: Winter haven was the first ever nation populated by the race of Nords and early in it's history many of it's settlements
were destroyed by natural disaster and storms forcing many of their people to take over what was one northern Oren and migrate into those

Featheron: This is the nation that the Nordic people of Winter Haven migrated to after many of their settlements were destroyed by

Oren: Oren was the first ever nation to be populated by the race of men. This is a harsh, strong empire. This nation conjures the largest
numbers of any during battle. They kept many slaves over the early years of their history however were pressured to erase what was left
of their slave trade by the wood Elves of Evanor.

Lorn: The nation of Lorn was built by the released Slaves from Oren. This explains why they are at constant odds and unfortunately are
right on each other's borders.

Eastern races: The eastern races is an continent where the more exotic races of Eldwehn are located, such as the Wood and high Elves and
the Dwarves.

Kal'Nwar: Kal'Nwar is the most mountainous area of all of Eldwehn. This nation is the only nation within Eldwehn that houses the race
of Dwarves. This is the most wealthy nation. With the natural wall of mountains the Dwarven people are never disturbed by the quarrels of those to the south and as a result have worked quite a wealth from mining deep into their mountains.

Evanor: Evanor is one of the largest nations in all of Eldwehn as Elm forest is part of Evanor. Elf forest is the largest forest in all of Eldwehn.
The Wood Elven people of this nation have very small numbers to spite their large masses of land.

Galdon: The isles of Galdon are a very bare nation. Full of Bandits and criminals, escaped from the clutch of the Kingdoms they once lived in.

Sunsted Empire: The Sunsted empire is another empire of men. This nation brings in the greatest produce from their farms and their economy
is indeed thriving. Sunsted is also home to the famous Bard's guild. People from around the world learn to write and make music at this
guild of masters. The world of Eldwehn is very music oriented. Stories are told through the peoples music, each nation would have its own
theme of music.

Rhuen: Rhuen is a land of great plains where the High Elves made their great settlements. Men of nearly no other races are allowed to see
the royalty of the High Elves. Not even the close brothers of the High Elves (the wood Elves).

Orcish Sands: The Orcish sands is a continent of desert and dry plains. This is where the famous dry river is located. The dry river was once
a place where many settlements where built until the river dried up, leaving them without water and a great field between the realm of Orcs
and realm of men.

Han'Kahn: Han'Kahn is one of the two realms of Orcs. This realm is walled off from the rest of Eldwehn by legions of desert, plains and mountains.

Crag'Mar: Crag'Mar is a subcontinent of it's own. This continent is the hottest place in all of Eldwehn and home also to the race of Orcs.
Non dare to enter these lands due to the rumours of brutality toward all peoples who aren't of Orcish decent.

08-29-2013, 02:05 PM
That's an impressive first effort! I like hand-drawn maps. I like your coastlines, calligraphy, and icons.

Most of the more accomplished cartographers around here use Photoshop or GIMP for their mapping. Personally, I use GIMP, and I have no complaints. Inkspace is very useful for making icons and tools, and Wilbur is also useful for adding some realism to your topography.

08-29-2013, 03:13 PM
I have before used auto realm before and I think I am going to use that for a first (very detailed) digital draft. With all of the cities and major locations of each nation and perhaps move on
to using photo shop with more detail in land high and such. Thanks for the feed back.