View Full Version : [Paid] Published Author Looking For Two Maps to be Included in Next Book

08-30-2013, 10:58 AM
Note: This commission has been filled. Thank you to all who responded to my request.

I am a self-published author currently working on a new book. I would like to include two maps in my book. Both maps would be in the hand drawn/parchment style w/ possible color. Both would be more world/continent view with specific cities/locations and terrain marked (no city/street views).

I would need something professional/semi professional that can be used for ebooks as well as print. I am still working out the dimensions that I need as this is the first time I'll have included maps in one of my books.

I would need all copyrights and am willing to pay for the work.

Currently, I estimate about 3 months before I would need the maps ready for publishing.

If interested or if you have questions you can respond here (I'll be checking regularly) or you can email me directly at jennifer--@--jenniferkohout.com.