View Full Version : My very own 'Thorin's map !

08-31-2013, 11:46 AM
I has just completed this hand done map. The inspiration came from the map that Thorin used in 'The Hobbit' as I hope you can see.
As soon as I thought about making this I came up with it's own little story and I would love some critique on my art work.

This map was used by an Elven scout, hired by the Hardor. Hardor being one of the two High Princes of Evanor. The scout was hired by Hardor
to spy on the Dwarven people after they had heard from the nation of men to the west (Oren) that they planned to invade. This world I have created is called 'Eldwehn' and I am currently making a basic world map with Auto realm to use as a base for future projects on this world.


If anyone would like to see the completed world map when it is complete with every nation, city, keep and roadway I will gladly post it at a later date.