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Kirsten Grauer
08-31-2013, 12:48 PM
Hello all...I am new to this site and so very happy to have found you! Such creativity and beauty in some of the example I have seen! What a group of special people!!!

I am looking for someone interested in helping me out with completing a project for my late father who died earlier this year before his second, but last book was ready to be sent to the printer. My father was a historical writer. He spent the last 6 years meticulously researching and writing a detailed historical account of the beginning few years of the Gold Rush in British Columbia. Just before the last few technical aspects of his book were completed for the manuscript to sent to the printer, he passed away. He believed very strongly that a map such as what I am requesting here needed to be part of his work as he was passionate about the beauty and historical information old maps held. Over the course of his lifetime he collected hundreds of these types of maps. I grew up with them and understand his obsession. The way he told his historical stories and the passion he held for history absolutely warrants a tribute like this project for sure. Here's the breakdown of what I am looking for:

BC WA OR in the Pacific Northwest (NA) showing major geographic features, rivers, mountain ranges.
Physical geography should follow current correct geography but be displayed in the historical look of the period 1858-1862 (the first four years of the gold rush).
This map is to look just as if it were made in the time period of the mid-1800s - please refer to the Dropbox file images & URLs listed below.

This map is a fold-out map depicting the historical area, places and trails mentioned in my father's book. It had been a project we were going to work on together - I used to be in the cartography/GIS field in the early 90s before I became the graphic designer I am today. Now that he has passed though I have found myself overwhelmed with all that is left to complete before the launch of the book at the end of October 2013. That means everything complete and files sent to print by the end of September. I am hoping to find someone to work with me to help build the bones of this map and get the styles right so I can complete place names, trails and special sites mentioned in his manuscript. As I mentioned, this was a project we were going to do together and it just would not feel right if I did not have a hand in it's creation.

Style should be representative of the type of map created in the mid-1800s. Map designed in colour (see examples) but it should be easy to print in monochrome as well - detailed areas with trails will be cropped and inset into main body of book (2 or 3 of these) and there will not be colour print within the pages of the book. Please refer to the images in the Dropbox folder listed below as well as URLs to use as reference (specifically, "Wyld-GoldRegions-BC&WA-1858.JPG" for style and amount of detail). An inset should be included if there is room showing historical place names vs current place names

The final printed book size is 6x9 so a folded map should be just under this size so it can slip inside the back cover. The map file should be importable and editable in Illustrator if not originally built in Illustrator. Map layers in digital file should be well organized, labelled and clean so I can make sense of them when editing/adding to them.

2-3 weeks - must be completed no later than September 25th, 2013.
Please email me: kgrauer[dot]peregrine[at]gmail[dot]com to discuss price, timeline and forward portfolio links.
I can provide payment through PayPal.


Not entirely sure how this works but here's what I'm thinking... This is a joint effort, both your name and mine will be displayed on the map. Here's how it will be used:
Detail in certain areas of the map where it depicts a cattle trails or foot trails will be cropped to fit into the body of the book. The map will be included in a 700+ page historical manuscript. The map will be available for readers to purchase extra copies for book-themed travelling excursions (this was a common activity with readers of his last book). His last book is in it's 5th printing so most likely this one will follow suit.

1. "Wyld-GoldRegions-BC&WA-1858-02.jpg" *** this map is closest in detail and style ***
2. "Epner_Gustv-GoldRegions-BC-1862.pdf" *** too much topographic detail in this example but given as a monochrome example and Title, Legend and Compass Style example***
3. "US W Missisipi-1859-03.JPG" ***another beautiful styling example ***

Links to maps of the specific areas and created in the correct time fame ~ with more detail:


http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/detail/RUMSEY~8~1~910~50002:A-Map-Exhibiting-all-the-New-Discov?sort=Pub_List_No_InitialSort%2CPub_Date%2CP ub_List_No%2CSeries_No&qvq=w4s:/what/Case%20Map;sort:Pub_List_No_InitialSort%2CPub_Date %2CPub_List_No%2CSeries_No;lc:RUMSEY~8~1&mi=15&trs=580

http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/detail/RUMSEY~8~1~201961~3000976:Map-Shewing-the-Railways-of-Canada-?sort=Pub_List_No_InitialSort%2CPub_Date%2CPub_Lis t_No%2CSeries_No&qvq=w4s:/what/Case%20Map/where/Canada;sort:Pub_List_No_InitialSort%2CPub_Date%2CP ub_List_No%2CSeries_No;lc:RUMSEY~8~1&mi=1&trs=35

http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/detail/RUMSEY~8~1~246636~5515032:Map-of-North-America--2--Philadelph?sort=Pub_List_No_InitialSort%2CPub_Date %2CPub_List_No%2CSeries_No&qvq=w4s:/when/1859;q:Country%3DCanada%2B;sort:Pub_List_No_Initia lSort%2CPub_Date%2CPub_List_No%2CSeries_No;lc:RUMS EY~8~1&mi=6&trs=9

http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/detail/RUMSEY~8~1~22050~710011:Amerique-Boreale,-Nouvle--Bretagne-?sort=Pub_List_No_InitialSort%2CPub_Date%2CPub_Lis t_No%2CSeries_No&qvq=w4s:/when/1862;q:Country%3DCanada%2B;sort:Pub_List_No_Initia lSort%2CPub_Date%2CPub_List_No%2CSeries_No;lc:RUMS EY~8~1&mi=6&trs=7

08-31-2013, 01:24 PM
very interesting subject matter. would love to see this finished. sadly though i dont think im the right person for this, hope you manage this by the deadline

Kirsten Grauer
08-31-2013, 01:56 PM
Thank you vorrpohaiah,
I checked out your own maps posted here. Just lovely. I hope you don't mind but I used one as an example for help with styling.
Thank you for your reply.

09-01-2013, 02:20 AM
not in the slightest :)