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09-02-2013, 03:21 AM
This is a map I began making as personal reference for a novel I'm writing. It ended up a little more decorated than the purpose called forů


The map shows a part of the Kola peninsula, Russia, in an alternative setting. It's is mostly painted by hand with ink, watercolors and acrylics, with some finalizing adjustments and additions in Photoshop. The original is A3 in size.

I'd like to thank (in order of appearance ;)) Miranda Hartrampf, Max, Hai-Etlik, Neyjour, Mwmagro, Viking, Diamond, Chashio, Naeddyr, Azelor, Arsheesh, Llannagh, Ilanthar, Freodin, Ravells and Lostatsea for the feedback, support and niceness :D With extra big thanks to Chashio and Diamond, for the extra big support!

The WIP thread can be found here, if you want to check it out:

09-02-2013, 05:09 AM
A wonderful piece of art!

- Max -
09-02-2013, 05:25 AM
Not very keen of watercolors map but that's some nice job here. (Though still being a bit disturbed with the perspective on the map like said in the WIP)

09-02-2013, 05:30 AM
This is fantastic!


09-03-2013, 01:09 AM
Beautiful work. This kind of thing makes me wish I had the motivation/time to play around with watercolors.

09-03-2013, 03:46 AM
Thanks, guys! Makes me very happy to hear :)

By the way, Max, just out of curiosity: why are you not so fond of watercolor maps?

- Max -
09-03-2013, 06:42 AM
Eh well I don't really know. Many of watercolor maps I've seen looks a bit childish to my eyes and I often find them a bit too "flat". This said, your two last ones (this one and the one you did for the lasdt lite challenge) could make me change my mind about it ;)

09-05-2013, 10:39 AM
Very professional appearance.

09-05-2013, 05:20 PM
I like the way it turned out. And I admire your craftsmenship! ;)


09-05-2013, 07:55 PM
Excellent map, great layout and I love the artwork on the corners.

09-06-2013, 03:47 AM
Thanks! :)

Blaidd Drwg
01-18-2016, 01:16 PM
It's a rare treat to see a watercolour map this good. Excellent job!

01-18-2016, 01:40 PM
I agree with Blaidd on this Lingon. I featured this map over on the Guild FB page.
Hope it brings a renewed interest. A really fine map. :)

01-27-2016, 02:21 PM
Wonderful map! :)
Compliments for your skillness in the watercolour technique.

01-27-2016, 07:23 PM
This map is incredible. I could look at stuff like this all day. Thanks for sharing!

01-28-2016, 01:06 AM
Wow, has it really been more than two years since you made this?! Time flies, but I still love this map.

01-28-2016, 06:59 AM
I can't believe I didn't commented yet on this beautiful map. Great job Lingon, the colors are indeed very well done.