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09-08-2013, 06:08 PM
Alright guys, this is a simple map but that helped me to work in the things "around the map". Worked in some flags ( copping some elements ofc, but experiencing new tools), some borders and some layer structure ( to set colors and finishing some draws).
Spent some time studding about navigation routes, what i not used a lots, but is a learning for future projects. Learned some about Pirates and Illegal marketing in the seas ( how they survive, how they make cash and how the society establish in various lands, supplying some points to keep going far). Understood why old kingdoms jump in a adventure to unknown to conquer new lands, a lots of Atlantis in fiction or in a possible real history.
Was a really cool and fun back-work in this map.

I made this map in my recovery surgery time, some weeks ago and waited till get some background to post. Maybe isn't a great map, but i will give it finished, coz i am facing new challenges right now.
I show you Larcenia :D


One family decided to leave the desert and face the waters of Egos. Over time the family of Larcenia found in the waters of the oceans, greater treasures greater than found in the ruins of their homeland. Gradually these pirates were dominating all the waters of three oceans. For generations, all pirates accounted for only one man, Horah Larcenia. Not stop the developing until the inevitable happened. United under a single flag, most companies pirates stayed in the islands of the west, and founded a nation. Abandoned piracy and engaged in maritime commerce. Thus was born the kingdom of Larcenia, founded in the year 98 ab.

Larcenians Routes

After generations of piracy the Larcenians found their greatest treasure. LArcenians routes. Inexplicably these shippers found a route, looking magical, able to move in the oceans quickly. Many believe that are the banks of the River Styx, the river that cuts through the plans from the foundation of the universe, these shippers started to supply all other continents trough the waters, founding three expeditions.
First expedition - Dark Clouds: this route, Larcenia keep stocked throughout the war zone of Warlands, through the kingdoms of the east and ending in Aurora.
Second Expedition - Hopemakers: During the war of independence of Fagacea, the only option was to arm themselves with supplies coming through this route. With the end of the war, this expedition entered mainland rivers, expanding until dawn, going through all earthly kingdoms.
Third Expedition - The Keepers: The market for oil Tristania to Valdorn not kept up for the most activity, recently Larcenia create an expedition to cut the iced lands and the far north, connecting these two ambitious nations