View Full Version : "This is Not a Test" The Known World

09-12-2013, 02:47 AM
This one was fun, mostly for being very different from what I usually do… but also because the setting really inspired me. It's a commission job for Worlds End Publishing (http://worldsendpublishing.com/) and their upcoming miniature game "This is Not a Test" (love that name). At first glance it looks like a rather generic post-apocalypse setting, but the details really make it stand out from the rest. (Edit: just realized that could be interpreted as being about the map… I meant it about the setting. If the map is generic or not I'll let you decide ;))

This map is meant to look like a production by the Biscuit Box fictional restaurant chain, showing the locations of their restaurants, that after the apocalypse was edited with new borders and names. I got to design the logo as well, that was fun too :) I'll be making a second map for these guys, a smaller scale one depicting the central region "Tri-State Wasteland", in a different style, but for now, here's the first one: