View Full Version : [Paid - Taken] Fantasy Keep for DnD 4E

09-12-2013, 05:02 PM
I'm 100% newbie at commissioning to please be gentle :D

I am running a DnD 4th edition game in my own world but similar setting(fantasy) and am in need of a few maps of a keep. The keep is built into a mountain range and is guarding the only safe pass through said mountains. It has a strong wall that goes across the pass with a gate to allow people through. The previous owners also mined into the mountain so the keep has a very deep and complex dungeon system.

I will need the following maps:
A "cosmetic" view of the keep from afar, something I would show the players as they approach it.
A battlemap of the keep and surrounding area.
A battlemap for the interior of the keep.
A battlemap for the first level of the mines/dungeon of the keep.

I'm fairly unfamiliar with the specific dpi numbers so I'll simply say high res so we can zoom in well. Jpg or png format preferably. Full color

It's only going to be used for personal use so the author can keep the copyright.

I'm flexible with the deadline. I have a stand in for the maps so I don't need this done immediately but I am willing to pay for speed AND quality.

Payment and Contact:
I don't think I can PM yet so please contact me via email at ericjtaft@gmail.com to discuss payment and map details.

09-19-2013, 06:37 PM
Thanks to everyone who contacted me about this. This commission has been taken.